About Us

About Poxse

Based in Malaysia, a digital marketing blog featuring digital trend and small business solution.

About Patrick

An online marketing strategist and consultant who’s knowledge are but not limited to:

1. Search engine algorithm analysis and study (e.g. Google penguin, Google panda, local citations, backlink influence, microdata, local rank, domain influence.)
2. Page speed optimisation. (e.g. files size optimisation, gzip compression, content delivery network)
3. Online Reputation Management (ORM). (Monitor negative keywords/reviews against a person, brand or company)
4. User experience testing (in-page analysis, responsive design, visitor flow, broken link analysis)
5. Trends research (e.g. hot demand product, trending industry)
6. Research black hat SEO tactic (the ones that are illegally used by other search engine optimizers to manipulate rankings)
7. Study Facebook algorithm (likes analysis, post reach, Facebook search, Facebook tool)

I have been on this industry for 10 years and have successfully handled many businesses get more visitors and enquiry from their websites.

How about other technical Skills (Non-SEO)?:

1. Image editing with Photoshop and illustrator.
2. Good knowledge of CSS, HTML, Dreamweaver.
3. Know most of the latest design trends, e.g. responsive and HTML5
4. Web hosting configuration, domain purchasing, DNS pointing and MX record update; server backup, create FTP, configure Google email apps, Zoho apps, email management.
5. Familiar with WordPress environment.
6. Develop facebook custom page.
7. Domain hunting
8. Content writing
9. Remote desktop and PC configuration

About Mario

Co-founder of Poxse, Mario is a Philippine-based digital marketing consultant and has been in Digital Marketing industry for 5 years and have handled hundreds of clients across different industries both in and out of the Philippines.

Core competency:

1. Search Engine Optimisation – Highly knowledgeable in optimising websites for search performance and user experience.
2. Content Marketing – Experienced in content ideation, creation, planning and execution.
3. Keyword Research and Analysis – Able to find and analyse keyword feasibility and profitability. Determines the competitiveness of a certain keyword based on the client’s goal and situation.
4. Article Writing – Writes digital marketing related articles.
5. Client Proposal Structure – making proposals based on the nature and requirements of a client’s business. It also includes proposed the methodology to give the client an idea of the flow of the online marketing campaign.
6. Website analysis and Regression – Evaluates the current state of a website and determine the possible traffic and page value flow.
7. Custom Link Building – Plans and executes strategic link building campaigns and promotions to acquire links that send traffic and high page value the main site.
8. Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools setup – This includes setting up goals and measuring the conversion rate in Analytics and retargeting based on Google Webmaster data.
9. Lead Generation – Plans and Executes online lead generation campaigns.
10. Reporting – Highly customised and comprehensive client reporting.

Technical Knowledge:

1. Google analytics
2. WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal CMS knowledge
3. HTML (intermediate)
4. Image Editing through Photoshop
5. Domain Hunting