What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing or Retargeting is a smart way to connect visitors who visited your site. It entices visitors to revisit your website for new promotions. It can also be a way to call visitors who didn’t convert to visit your site once more.

How remarketing work?

Visitor visits your website, some visitors purchase and mostly take no action.

According to Google stat, 96% visitors leave a website without converting, 70% Abandon shopping baskets without purchasing, 49% Typically visit 2-4 sites before purchasing and making a choice.


To retarget the non-converting visitors, site owners can plant a web cookie to all visitors.


The internet cookie store at visitors’ browser triggers ads memories of the website and displays the previous visited website ads.


As long the targeted visitors did not clear their browser cookies, remarketing continues to show them ads for those products or services their interested in. Customers will eventually buy something if they see the ads over and over again

What are the popular remarketing platform?

1. Google remarketing:

2. Facebook remarketing

3. Bing remarketing