Website Statistics: Malaysia’s Most Visited Websites in 2015 released their top visited websites in Malaysia for September 2015. The data suggest that and retained their top 1 and 2 spots respectively under the local websites category. This means that these two local websites are getting much of the traffic coming from Malaysian internet community.

In late 2014 we have released a data for the top websites in Malaysia for 2014. And nothing has changed dramatically except for the website The website didn’t make it to the top 30 in 2014, however, because of the website’s prominence and online attraction it managed to climb to the top 8 in January 2015 according to Malaysian Digital Association, its last position was top 12 in September.

For the top 30 web properties visited from desktop computers in Malaysia, Google sites and Facebook retained their top 1 and 2 positions as well. Followed by Yahoo Sites and Microsoft websites in the top 4 and 5 respectively.

While there’s no huge changes in both local website and web properties categories, mobile search data suggest a different thing. According to the MDA traffic data, Astro Group dominates the mobile search world by making it to the top spot followed by Malaysiakini Sites. Yahoo Sites trail at top 4. Surprisingly, is nowhere to be found in the top 20 when it comes to mobile search. This data might mean that Malaysian desktop websites should prioritize optimizing their site to be more responsive to cope up with the fast growing demand for mobile compatibility.