Useful Smartphone Applications that Will Improve Your Mobile Phone

Do you want to download useful applications to improve the performance of your android? Then this is your article. We will see 15 applications (free or paid) that are essential in any smartphone (android or iphone).

There is a recent study that says that Spaniards look at the Smartphone up to 150 times a day on average, which seems an outrageous but I think no one doubts that this is a reality. But what is it that makes us so hooked to the mobile?The applications.

There are so many that many times you do not know where to throw. There are them for everything and more and more as new ones are emerging and existing ones are improved.

But today anyone with a little knowledge on the subject can create applications so there is a lot of garbage distributed by Google Play and the App Store Do you want to download useful applications to get more out of your mobile?

Useful Android or iphone applications

Fx Camera

With this application you will boost the camera of your Smartophone to the maximum. FxCamera is an application that will allow you to give your photos a touch of originality and creativity. Includes filters and predefined effects.

In this way, you can take photos with synthetic finishes, add the typical snapshot frame, capture panoramas, etc. It is also very easy to use. We can find it for android and for iphone in free and paid version.

Go Launcher

With this application we will change our device completely, changing the design and functionalities.

It has thousands of new themes at our disposal and many more possibilities to customize it to your liking With Go Launcher your Smartphone can go from being a boring phone to being one full of life. In this case we will only find it in the Google Play of android.

Avast Antivirus

If you have an antivirus on your PC , why not have it on your Smartphone if you use it more? Also if we can get a hit to Android devices , is that they are quite susceptible to viruses.

Do not think about it and download an antivirus to ensure that nothing strange happens to your mobile. My recommendation is Avast but there are many others in the market.

Clean Master

The more you use the mobile, the slower it seems to go. This is because most of the time the applications you are using do not close properly and therefore continue to consume battery and RAM.

With Clean Master you can also uninstall applications that you do not use and stop running tasks to free up more RAM and get it to run faster .

You will also be able to clean the cache and the searches carried out, thus cleaning the “trash” mobile.


If you work on several devices, Dropbox will be very useful. Upload your files to the cloud and download them from anywhere with any device.

You can use it both with your Smartphone and with the Ipad . If you do not like Dropbox for anything, Google Drive offers something similar with the advantage of being synchronized to your Google accounts .

You choose the best option, what is clear is that both are very good. Available for free for iphone and android.

Moon Reader

It ‘s a l professional sector of books with powerful controls & full functions. It is compatible with online e-book libraries and with the Caliber personal server .

It also has integration with Dropbox . It supports many types of ebooks format. It also incorporates many themes, customizable options and complete visual options among other features.

Prey Anti-Theft

How to find a lost cell phone or a stolen cell phone? Prey Anti-Theft shows you the exact point where your Smartphone is located through a map on its website.

You can also make a very loud alarm sound that will allow you to hear it if you have it close but lost. And this is not all, this application will send you photos and you can make it show a message warning of your theft or loss by offering your email to get in touch with you, if you want clear. It is a 100% free application . Available in both the App Store and Google Play.


This is an application to hide files from other people, well, only the ones you want. If you receive an image or video that you do not want someone to see, you will only have to create a folder that will be hidden under a password.

This way your secret files will be safe. Be careful because if you have it on your mobile and your partner knows what is going on, it can create problems for you! It also has its version for Apple.

Adblock Plus for Android

This is the application that will free you from the spam that advertising involves in certain applications and web pages. It is clear that the creators of the applications charge because you see that publicity but, honestly, they are a bit annoying.

With Adblock Plus for Android you can navigate and use applications blocking all pop-up advertising. Very comfortable and only available for Android .

But, beware, you will not find it in Google Play since it has been deleted. You must enter its web page and download it.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo is one of these useful applications for iphone and android that will allow you to perform any type of sport that you want in a controlled way.

Endomondo uses integrated GPS with which you can control the journey you make and track your progress in terms of distance, time or speed.

It also offers the possibility of being able to listen to the music that you like while a voice is encouraging you and marking the rhythms of the training. What is phenomenal? And all that you will find in its free version. It’s not bad at all.


It is a very complete application with which you can read news, listen to podcasts and watch videos of whatever you want. It allows grouping subscriptions by categories.

BeyondPod does not play directly the file you download, it will be played with the program you have selected for it by default.


Instead of pursuing the links on the web, if you download Feedly , you will have them grouped into a single page which will be updated continuously with all the news.

Feedly offers different views to facilitate the way you view articles and news , and includes the possibility of sharing content with various social networks or via email for example.

At Feedly level we can find Flipboard or Pulse . All three are available for iOS and Android.


If you are a person with a thousand tasks like me, this application will come to you in luxury. You can load tasks, assign them a category and even a deadline.

You can even designate tasks to other users who have the application. You can use it if you have an Android device.


If you keep the accounts in your house, Toshl will be very useful to you. Use this simple application to have a more controlled expense .

With it you can set savings goals, limit monthly spending and export everything to the PC . Available on iOS and Android.

Candy Crush

And who does not know her? We could say it’s vital, that’s why I add it to this list. It offers hours and hours of fun with more than 300 levels .

It has been a revolution in the world of games for Smartphones . It has brought so many benefits to its creators that they have even allowed to advertise it on television and even go public.

You can also currently find new versions of Candy Crush Soda Saga. If you have not tried them, do not think about it!

As you can see, they are all available for Android devices since today they dominate the market. That does not mean that they are the best but they are the most functional in my point of view. You know, if you want to download applications that are useful for you and to improve the performance of your mobile , then I’m sure this list will help you.