Business Email Marketing

In today’s era of digitization, nobody has been spared from getting digitized. Even normal business has gone digital. Keeping this in mind we provide various digital marketing services and media services to all our clients so that they can very easily utilize the benefits of digitization to its full potential. Among many services provided by us, we also provide business email setup services.

For any business or consultancy one major challenge is electronic mail communication over the huge network. In respect to traditional mails, electronic mails are much faster and easier to access.

We provide various email marketing solutions which helps you in nurturing and growing your business at a faster pace. Following are the basic features of our email marketing:

1) Email Template: Various templates are provided which brings your email to life.
2) Optimization: This feature allows you to optimize your mail inbox by grouping similar type of emails together.
3) Mail Scheduling: It facilitates you to write email at anytime and send it to the receiver at the scheduled time. You can also put a timer on a particular mail. When the timer’s time out, the mail will automatically bounces on the top of mail list in inbox.
4) Drag and Drop: With this feature you can easily make your emails more attractive by simply dragging and dropping any required image on your email.
5) Mail Tracking: This feature enables you to track the emails. Now you can easily identify when your sent email is read by the receiver.

Our main focus is on delivering such services which evidently helps you in extending your business. Keeping in mind about the usability of service, we try our best to make the user interface as simple as possible.

We provide domain name as that of the client’s company name which helps in marketing the company name as well as business all over the world which is otherwise not possible with personal email addresses.
Email setup services add a new feather to your business!