50 Ways To Profit From Private Label Rights (PLR)

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Private Label Rights (PLRs) products are rebrandable products that you can resell as your own. PLRs are done-for-you ebooks, videos, softwares, tutorials, templates or any digital downloads with full private label rights.

You can use them to earn profits online, build your email list, add to your membership site or package with other products.

PLRs are the hottest resale products on the internet today. They are good for creating backlinks to your website for free viral marketing. Here are 50 Ways To Profit From Private Label Rights products.

1. Put up your resell product with resell rights (Private Label Rights or PLR)

This will encourage more buyers because they can keep 100% of sales and profits when they resell your product.

2. Use Private Label Rights content to create autoresponders

This will help save time and effort in trying to think about what content to deliver to build a relationship with subscribers.

3. Employ PLR content to create articles for your site

This will put your business on autopilot and at the same time keep your readers happy.

4. Content from Resell and PLR products can be used in market research or used as a brainstorming tool

This will help in creating inspiration for content writers so that they will not run out of ideas to generate content.

5. Package your resell product with speaking rights

This will boost more purchases because buyers can use the product to create highly paid seminars, webinars, tele-seminars and etc.

6. Use PLR software to generate traffic

Rebrand your PLR software and submit it to free software directories to generate more traffic to your website. The more downloads you receive, the more visitors you will get for your business.

7. Use the information in the PLR or resell product as discussion points

This will help you when there is a need to face the media or when moderating discussions with clients, customers or readers.

8. Make use of private label rights content to conduct seminars

PLR content can be organized into power point slides and other teaching materials used in workshops or seminars either online or offline, or both.

9. Use PLR content as a gift

Besides sharing PLR content by conducting seminars, you can also use PLR content as a free gift for those who attended your paid seminar/webinar.

10. Include backend rights with your resell product

This creates more value for your product and influences your visitors to buy because they can use your product as a backend product to sell to their own customers.

11. Convert PLR Ebooks into viral products

A rebranded report provides more value to people than an ordinary Ebook thus fetches a higher price. You can choose to sell it or use the rebranded report as your own viral product.

12. Publish the PLR content in another language(s)

People may be searching for products in their own native language hence translating a PLR product into other languages is a great way to profit.

13. Convert your digital content into physical products to sell

People are more inclined to buy physical products because they seem to bring so much more credibility than digital products. Some ideas include:
. Publishing books
. Creating video tutorials/series as DVD products
. Creating audio clips/series and downloading into MP3 devices
. Burn software to CD-R discs
. And more…

14. Offer bundling rights with your resell product

This will increase conversions of your product sales because they can package other products together with the main product and sell it as one irresistible offer.

15. Create an Ebook using multiple PLR products

PLR packages often come packed with a lot of information. These information can be used to create a brand new Ebook which can be put up for sale or given away free to build your list.

You could even sell the PLR rights of your brand new product to others or use it to generate traffic to your site by submissions etc.

16. Use PLR content with industry expert interviews

Another way to profit from PLR products is that you can combine the PLR content with interviews with industry experts.

17. Use private label rights content to kick start a membership website

Start a membership site with PLR content. This gives you ample time to think about and create original content.

In the scenario where you run out of ideas, use PLR content to provide value to your database or as an inspiration to create a brand new product.

18. Forming partnerships and collaborations

Partner with other business-minded individuals and create unique packages and programs for sale using PLR products.

19. Use private label rights content on websites for flipping

Build content-rich websites based on a particular niche using PLR content and sell them for a much higher price than you paid for the PLR content.

20. Enclose social media ad rights with your resell product

Create prewritten ads on your resell product for customers to use on their social networks. This adds more value to your product and helps your customer drive leads.

21. Add affiliate links to your resell or PLR content

A great way to earn some money with affiliate programs from Clickbank and Amazon is to insert affiliate links into resell products or PLR content which you intend to sell or give away for free.

22. Use the private label rights content to create podcasts

Record weekly podcasts using PLR content and distribute them on the iTunes store.

23. Sell your resell product with rewriting rights

This could draw more visitors and customers to buy your product because they can rewrite the product anyway they want.

24. Give pre-resell rights with your resell product

Pre-resell rights enable buyers to sell the product before other resellers can. This will attract many people to buy your resell product.

25. Put together the content as a complete home study course

It takes a lot of time to create a brand new product. However, with PLR content, you can gather different products and compile them together as one complete home study course for selling.

26. Motivate buyers with sole rights to your resell product

When visitors see that they will have the exclusive and sole resell rights to promote your resell product, it will motivate them to take action to invest in your resell product.

27. Use PLR content to add value to your membership site

This helps you to save time and effort in generating new content for your members in your membership site.

28. Mention that your resell product has limited selling rights

This will urge prospects to take action as soon as possible and order your resell product because they can only sell limited copies like the rest of their competition.

29. Re-write the PLR content and submit it to newspapers or magazines

When you article is published on newspapers and magazines, it adds on credibility to you and increase exposure of your website or product to the general masses.

30. Add hosted reseller rights with your resell product

This will enable your buyers’ to have their reseller site hosted on your server so there are no extra costs for website space. This should encourage people to purchase your reseller product.

31. Re-write a PLR article and submit it on another blog as a guest post

This helps to poise you as an authority for the topic you are writing about and also helps drive the existing traffic of the other blog to your website/product hence help you/your product/company gain more exposure.

32. Include up-sell rights with your resell product

This enables your buyers to use your resell product as an up-sell product hence may persuade leads to buy it.

33. Attach break up rights with your resell product

This allows buyers to divide up the product into many different products to sell separately. Hence, this may persuade prospective leads to get your resell product.

34. Offer affiliate bonus program rights with your resell product

This permits buyers’ affiliates to use the product as an affiliate bonus.

35. Use PLR content as a promotional tool for your affiliates

By helping your affiliates, you are also helping yourself. PLR content such as Ebooks or guides with affiliate links inserted can be used as promotional tools for affiliates to send out to their database.

36. Use private label rights content to create Adsense sites

Adsense sites need to be content-rich in order to generate the traffic that will click on the Google ads. PLR content can be used to create such sites.

37. Create viral quizzes with the PLR content to test your audience’s knowledge

This helps create buzz and activity on your website which will in turn generate more traffic to your site as well.

38. Make available employee rights with your resell product

This will mean that your buyers’ employees are able to use the products or rights as well. Hence employers will grab this chance to buy your product.

39. Use the private label rights content to promote an eBay store

With PLR content, there is no need for you to start brainstorming content from scratch. You can just re-write the PLR content for your own use to promote an eBay store.

40. Grant renaming rights with your resell product

This permits buyers to re-title the product to their desired title.

41. Use PLR content in your newsletter to your clients

Keeping in touch with your clients is important in building a good relationship with them. Hence you can use PLR content for easier communication with your clients through newsletters.

With PLR content, there is no headache or head-scratching moments of trying to generate new content.

42. Include brandable rights with your resell product

This allows buyers to sell or giveaway your resell product with their advertisement in it. Hence this strategy may lure leads to invest in your resell product.

43. Use PLR content as a topic of conversation for coaching calls

With PLR content, you can easily prepare a session of coaching call with your clients.

44. Extend report rights with your resell product

By this you allow buyers to turn the product into an informational report.

45. Use PLR content in social media – Build a Facebook page that uses the material

In this way, you will be able to interact with your customers with discussions on the content, generating frequent activity and buzz.

46. Have follow up e-mails and its rights packaged with your resell product

This helps your buyers promote the product because they have instant follow up emails.

47. Use as bonuses

private label rights materials can be used as unannounced bonuses for buying your products, giving your customers a pleasant surprise when they open your package. This helps to build rapport and your ‘likability’.

48. Use as giveaways

PLR content can be used as a free giveaway for your long-time customers. This builds customer loyalty and ups your ‘likeability’ factor in the industry as well.

49. No-paying royalty rights with your resell product

This will motivate people to invest in your resell product because buyers won’t have to pay royalty fees for your product.

50. Spin an article into a “10 Best” list

You can use the private label rights content to generate a viral report of “10 Best” list. This helps generate and drive more traffic to your site to view your products.