Useful Ways to Improve Your Content Development Process

content development tips
Producing high quality content is very important with today’s online marketing as contents are the one of the most effective keys in attracting potential customers and gaining sales. However, with all the existing contents out there, it would be hard to penetrate your target market and produce something unique or more interesting than others similar to what you are about to showcase.

Luckily, there are useful aids for you that you can utilize in order to help you with your content development process. These steps may have been available for a long time but rarely used by many in developing contents for some reason. These are called “Mapping and Scheduling”.

It is just the way of segmenting contents depending on the relevancy of the topic to the theme of a niche. I will show you the step by step process on how to hunt for the best possible topic and produce a good quality and engaging contents.


When you are stuck on a rot with regards to your topics or creativity, you would probably look for existing blogs that you can read for inspiration or even to utilize these blogs in order to produce a similar one that you have read and probably just give a little twist (some do not). That can work for you when your goal is to just produce a content for the day but not entirely an effective one as there would be a lesser probability that you would attract consumers more than your competition.

One way to be able to create an effective content is by putting thoughts together and with this you have to be able to generate related terms with your primary topic and expand them to produce more valuable contents with the broad scope of your thoughts. This is called Mind Mapping.

If you are not familiar with mind maps, these are the tools to use when segregating thoughts, keywords, or ideas. It is best used to produce a web of ideas for whatever purposes. One good mind map tool out there is the WikiMindMap. How this tool can help you in producing a good content?

Let’s say you want to produce a content that has something to do with web development. You can start off with giving a brief background on the history of web development and then point out where web development is today. Furthermore, by utilizing WikiMindMap, you can also gain ideas for other points that you can discuss. In the results of WikiMindMap for web development (see image below), there are numbers of terms the Wikipedia was able to correlate with the keyword that you can use. Take the term “practical web development” for example, there are more subheads in this term that you can discuss such as the basic web development and the advanced web development. There is also another potential topic there such as “web development as an industry” that you can use for your article. All you would have to do is expound the terms to produce a broader and valuable content.

web development

You can have a clear topics umbrella to use in generating contents. Mind Map tools are also good in making infographics, videos, and other web contents for content marketing.


let’s assume you are already have a good content that you believe would be worth reading and would attract target customers. Whoever, you have to determine first if your topic is in demand in the first place and this can be done by researching on the level of interest with Google Trends. Although perpendicular with each other, Google Trends mostly shows the “interest” of the searchers rather than the search volume, which makes this a perfect tool in order to determine if your content is good to go. However, that is not the only use of Google Trends as you can also utilize this tool in order to determine when is the best time to post your content.

Please note that you can proceed with Google Trends first before doing mind map. Or you can choose the topic from the list of thoughts that you made and see if it is good to post depending on the interest. As for the scheduling, this can be done through the following steps:

Step 1: Enter the theme of your topic to Google Trends. I always choose the past 90 days option because I feel this works well for me (you can choose your prefer timeline but I would advice to set it 90 days). Choose your preferred demographics and click the search icon.

google trends

Step 2: Download CSV. After getting the result, download the data in a CSV file.

google trends2

Notice that there would be a result afterwards. The next thing you would have to do is go to settings and download it as CSV where you would be given an excel file.

Step 3: Organize data in the excel file. Now that it is in an excel file, you would notice that the results would be more transparent as it would be placed in rows and columns with the results listed. However, there won’t be any days given (just the dates) so it may be a bit confusing for you.

excel file

By inserting a column in between A and C, you can give way for the days and type in =text(a6,”dddd”) where you would be automatically given the day for the specific date. Do this with all the other columns or just simply drag down the given day.

Step 4: Sort the data by days.

excel file1

Now that you have all the days listed for you, you would have to sort them alphabetically in order to group together the same days.

Step 5: Pull out the filtered results. With the days grouped together, you can add the results separately (by days) by using “autosum” and then sort them automatically in order to determine which day do people search for your topic the most. Just like the result given for web development wherein Wednesday is the peak for searches on web development while Sunday is the least.

excel file3

With that transparent to you, you can now determine when you should post your content with the hopes of being seen by your target audience—you can either post your content the day before its peak or during its peak and also, you would know when not to post it with the given result.

Due to proper scheduling, the probability for you to be seen is very high so it would be best for you to utilize this function of Google Trends.

Ultimately, with the usage of these tools for mapping and scheduling you would surely be able to produce a more valuable content and be to your target readers; hence, you would surely have an edge from your competition.