How To Write Content Your Readers Crave

Why do we create content?

Ponder that question for just a moment seriously…

We all blog and we all would love for everyone to fall madly in love with our content and share it with all of their friends. So why do some bloggers content get more attention then others?

I’m not talking about people like Jon Morrow, Darren Rowse, Derek Halpern, Kristi Hines, etc. Bloggers of that caliber who no matter what they write people listen.

We can all only hope to get to that place someday but remember that they started at the beginning just like the rest of us.

No, I’m talking about you and me.

How can we accomplish this, how can we write content our readers will crave? How can we make them want to continue coming back for more?

There are literally millions of blogs online now. There is so much content to read on a minute by minute basis.

What draws you to some content while you’re turned off by others? As you visit different blogs, ask yourself this question and you’ll eventually see what I’m talking about here.

With all the competition that’s out there today, why do we really create content to begin with?

And the answer is …to build an audience.

Your Greatest Business Asset

What do you think your greatest business asset is?

Do you think it’s your website or blog? How about your products, your services or your email list?

You might be surprised by this answer but it’s actually none of those. Know what it is?

Your audience; it’s the people who are paying attention to what you have to say!

Without them you’ll have no one opting into your list or buying your products or services. You definitely won’t have anyone reading your content.

How do you please your audience? By giving them what they want..

And what is that?

They want to learn, they want to be informed, they want to read, watch or listen to things that interest them. They want their problems solved quickly and their questions answered immediately.

They want to share content with their friends that will help them and in turn they will be appreciated for having done so.

If we can satisfy our audience in this manner then that’s considered darn good content. If we can’t then we’ve definitely struck out.

We hear the terms “relevant”, “useful” and “valuable” being tossed around everywhere and we definitely want our content to provide just that. Although we might think that it does our main goal is for our readers to say that it does.

We need for our readers to say that it’s awesome, helpful, useful, relevant and valuable.

Want to know how we can make that happen?

Put Your Audience First

Have you ever noticed what happens when you put other’s needs above your own?  That’s what has to happen in order to write content your readers will crave.

  • You need to write in a helpful and friendly tone so that your reader feels like they’re just having a casual conversation with someone who truly has their best interests at heart.
  • You need to be sure and answer your readers important questions or make sure if they have any problems that you’re able to solve them.
  • You need to make your content flow more easily so that your readers will find it much more enjoyable.
  • You need to watch out for your formatting by using subheadings and breaking up sentences so that it’s much more reader friendly.
  • Your site needs to have a clean and simple design that’s much more pleasing on the eyes.

With this in place you’ll start to:

  • See a rise in your search engine rankings because your content is getting much more interaction and people are eagerly sharing it.
  • Your sales will increase because your audience will begin to know, like and trust that they can rely on you to always be there to help them.
  • You’ll care more about serving your reader’s needs instead of your own.

Stop writing just to be heard.  Write for your audience because that’s what they want.  Fulfill their needs and serve your community.

Become that authority figure that people crave.  Provide helpful, useful and valuable content through giving your readers what they want.  Solve their problems and answer their questions in easy to understand ways that they’ll appreciate.

When you serve your readers through honesty and consistency your business will definitely be rewarded.

It’s Not About You

Most of us start blogging because we were taught that’s what you do. We’re all so eager to get more traffic to our blogs, start building our business and making money.

That can still be your purpose but if you want to stand out from the rest you need to write content your audience will crave.

Do you feel you’re on the right road? Are you achieving this right now? Are you getting the results you had hoped with your content?

I would love to hear from you and your thoughts on what I’ve shared. Do you agree or disagree?

Now remember, your friends love it when you share content that will help them so I would appreciate you helping them by sharing this post. You know they’ll thank you later.