The Challenge For Designers To Create Their Business Card

Designers often create the business card for friends and clients but not for themselves. It could be due to low priority or no revenue gain. The challenge is doubled up when the designers decide to create their business card. The card itself carry their identity and creativity of the designer.

The concept of POXSE business card:

Use Double Sided Business Card
The single sided business card does not provide sufficient space to fit all information, two-sided business card works as “miniature advertising brochures”. Front side to display logo and business contact, while the back side is used for the list of service.

Add vCard QR Codes Into Business Card
VCard is a file format containing business contact information such as name, address, phone number, email and website URL. QR (Quick Response) code comes from Japan, a type of matrix barcode readable by cell phone. vCard QR Code is a combination of different features into one; it is a quick shortcut for mobiles to scan and save the business contact.

List Of Services
For a startup businesses, the branding visibility is low; it is important to tell people about the nature of the business. Optimize the available space and list down the service coverage to turn a simple business card into a miniature brochure.

Logo, Background Color And Zip Zag Design
The black and white background create a good contrast from far, follow by colorful logo to attract user’s attention and zig zag design to maintain the creativity.

Remove Address
For an internet business, a physical address is unnecessary, because it encourages users to go online.


The QR code


Front design


Back design