Domain & Hosting Services

If you want to appeal to your online visitors, you need a professional website, a blog page, relevant graphics, full business address as well as Google map locations. This way your visitors will get this perception that you are a professional (authority figure) in your business and will be able to easily share what you do widening your audience.

However, there are these websites that are on today and go down tomorrow. Such websites are not reliable and give your clients the impression that you are not a serious person. So what do you need to look into before buying your domain & hosting services

1. Get Client testimonials

Check client testimonials from all the other people who have used the domain & hosting services since this will give you an idea of the kind of service offered. Other than reading online reviews about the business, you can as well rely on word of count from friends who have up and running websites so that they can recommend the best service to use.

2. Bandwidth, storage space

A good website will have good bandwidth and storage space so that it is always up and one can upload or download as much content as they would like. If your website doesn’t contain large media files or do a lot of video streaming, you can opt for a package under 10 GB per month.

3. Email services and ease of website building

Most domain and hosting companies give free website builders so that you can easily build your website without the need to code. Today, not many people know how to code and design websites. It would therefore be unfair to expect that they will code their website. With a free site builder, all you need to do is drag and drop everything.

4. Promo codes and affiliate program

Most domain & hosting services will have all year promo codes so that you can get their services at an affordable fee. Some also have affiliate program where if you are a customer with the company, you earn any time you refer someone else into using their services.

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