4 Tips on How to Choose a Good Domain Name for Your Website

Choosing a name for a blog is a decision that seems silly but it is very important because from now on will be your brand on the Internet and will have a great impact on the blog.

First of all, you have to be clear about the difference between domain and blog name . The name of the blog will be your brand on the internet and the domain will be the address where the brand is located, so the more they look better.

Maybe you have the clear name but the domain you want is busy and you have to modify it slightly. Remember that the name and domain of the blog should be similar if not the same.

Do not think twice about it and acquire your own domain since the benefits are many and you will transmit a much more professional image. There are many offers on the Internet with Hosting and Own Domain.

Maybe these are the most recommended but if you do not just convince you can always go to any of these that also help you in the search for domain:

  • Nominalia
  • Arsys
  • GoDaddy
  • NameCheap
  • Domain.com
  • Register.com
  • HostGator

Strategies to follow for the name and domain of the blog:

1. Personal name

The first strategy and the one you should least think about is using your personal name as the name and domain of the blog.

This will be positive to reinforce your CV and get in touch with people thanks to your name. If your name is very common and is already occupied then you should introduce some special character such as scripts or points so that it is not the same or even think about applying the second strategy.

2. Brand name

If you have a company, the name and domain of the blog must carry, without any doubt, the same name of the company.

If it is already occupied, it also introduces some special character as in the case of the personal name. You can also change the domain extension or GTLDs like. net, .info, .co … or use one that is related to the company itself, how could it be .bike, .viajes, .pub, .marketing, etc. Despite this, the .com are always the most recommended.

If you do not have a company but you want to use branding for your future blog then keep in mind that the name should not be too long and easy to remember.

It will also depend on your intentions of the language you will use for it (English certainly if you plan to expand internationally).

This strategy is perhaps the best in the medium or long term as long as the name you choose is the right one and you develop a good branding strategy .

You can also link the image of the new brand to your personal one so it will also help you to develop the personal brand if you do it well.

3. Name of the niche

The objective when using the name of the niche you are targeting is to take advantage of the keywords to give weight to the domain.

There are some that are quite natural how is the case of domainslibres.info, but there are also quite ugly as for example could be comprarcochesbaratos.com .

4. Mix of the 3 options

You can combine the three strategies described as I have done using the diminutive of my name (alex) and adding the niche (socialmedia).

* Note: If over time you realize that you have to change the name or domain of your blog you can always make changes and introduce a redirection 301 from the old to the new one that has occurred to you and that you think is better, since be mark, name, niche or mixture of the three.

If you are not sure, there are several online tools that can help you in your domain search. Domainsbot is one of them and will help you with that choice if it is costing you so much.

As you see in the image, you will only have to enter the keywords you want to use for it and it will give you a series of results of free domains that you can filter according to your tastes or needs (prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, TLDS …).