Email Marketing: 5 Basic But Effective Tips

The e-mail marketing is one of the main tools, and one of the preferred by experts in terms of marketing digital. Among the many advantages of using this tool are the ability to segment the way the company deems it convenient and the personal character of the messages, which convey the sense of intimacy between the sender and the lead.

We’ve selected some of our best email marketing tips for you to use in your business.

1.  Show the path that will be taken

You may have already received an email marketing from those who keep revealing some details about the next message, just to make you curious, right? This is the great thing about email marketing: keeping you waiting for the next message!

Sending emails  to your customers, if done wrong, can be a kick in the eye and lead to many cancellations. In order to avoid this inconvenience, previewing the content the lead will receive in the coming emails will leave your email marketing “like it more”.

2. Don’t sell products, sell the results they will generate

Today we know that customers who receive email marketing containing product and service offerings spend on average 83% more on online shopping, this shows that it is very worth investing in this tool!

However, if you take on the challenge of marketing your product or service through email marketing, it’s important to know how to approach customers: when presenting your company’s product/service, don’t focus entirely on their technical specifications, emphasize the results that The products can offer and the problems it will solve.

This makes it easier for customers to understand why they need the products their business is selling.

3. Target your customers well

For your business to achieve great results with email marketing, it is very important to segment your customers well, as different buyer personas tend to have different shopping journeys.

Even though the offer is the same for all consumers, segmenting your contacts makes you better target your efforts and better tailor campaigns for each group according to your specific demands. Break up contacts according to profile by creating a buyer persona and create a campaign for each group that targets their interests.

4. Evaluate the quality of your leads

Every company has that lead that just “followed the flow” of automation but didn’t consume any content: it downloaded top-funnel material, and it’s coming to the stage of offering it some kind of service, but it never interacted at all. , did not click on any links in the email.

And now you wonder if this lead can still survive, if it can be saved, or if you need to let go because it won’t move forward. How do you make this choice?

Analyze his score, profile and purchase intent he has shown if he fits the persona that has been defined for your company. From the analysis of lead potential, you decide whether to invest your time in saving it or to let go of it for good.

5. After downloading, continue offering content

When a lead is download of a material, you directs you to the thank you page. Don’t just use this page to say thank you, give him the next step, which may be in the form of a post that complements the material he downloaded, it may be more of a follow-up material, it may be a video explaining how to leverage the material.

that he is receiving. That is, by indicating upcoming content, you will have the chance to request different data and collect more information to complete the lead profile.

According to Viver de Blog, 92% of internet users have at least 1 email account, which shows us how productive and profitable it can be to invest in email marketing strategies. You can use email marketing in almost every business sector, be it education, retail, services… This is really a very versatile tool that undoubtedly generates powerful results.