Tips to Increase Your Gmail Email Security

Passwords that are too simple, connect from a public WiFi or directly from a foreign computer, do not close the session correctly. These are just some of the failures that people usually have and that can be dangerous, since anyone could access a certain account e-mail.

Security is one of the aspects that most concerns today, especially after the attacks that are recently receiving large international organizations. Recently 101 celebrities suffered a hack on their iCloud accounts.

In comparison, hacking an email is a children’s task. So do not think twice and spend a few minutes to increase security in Gmail.

Tips to increase security in Gmail

  • Regularly update account recovery options .
  • Sign up for verification in two steps. When you activate this option, in addition to asking for your password, they will send a message to your mobile with a code that you must enter to be able to access your email. Maybe it is a bit heavy but I tell you from experience that it is quite useful.
  • Use a secure password. Some very common mistakes are using birth dates, phone numbers, proper names, etc. The more difficult the password, the more difficult it will be for others to detect it. Try not to write it down anywhere or send it by mail.
  • Always use a secure connection: The secure protocol for hypertext transfer or HTTPS is a secure protocol that guarantees encrypted and authenticated communication. Make sure it is like this if you are going to connect from a public site.
  • Frequently update the operating system and browser.
  • Never use your account password on another website . Many people use the same password for everything, ERROR! If you have many accounts (quite common) and you have problems to remember all you can use a base password and add some changes depending on the account in question.
  • Beware of entering the password if you have clicked on an unreliable link, they could be spying on you and you would be giving them your privacy on a tray.
  • Modify your alternate email address and the security question.

In addition, Google gives us some tips that may seem logical but, incredible as it may seem, not all follow:

  • Do not tell your gmail password to anyone. If you do, change it quickly.
  • If you notice any strange changes in your account, perform an analysis and modify the password.
  • Close the session when you finish using the mail, especially if you do it from a public site.
  • Empty the cache, clean the router, remove the form information, passwords and browser cookies that you have used. Do it frequently if it is the one you normally use.

These are the steps that will ensure that your Gmail is as secure as possible. It also keeps you from getting hacked that may put your personal information at risk.