2019 Guide: How to Increase Facebook Page Likes for Free

You probably are looking for ways on how you can get likes without spending a single penny, and for sure it’s taking you ages to find a reliable guide. I’m not gonna lie, there are tons of so-called guides on how you can ramp up your Facebook Page’s followers or likes for free but non of them seem to work for you.

Are there really free ways to get Facebook likes? The answer is “YES”.

However, there are only a handful of people in the internet world that will be foolish enough to let other people know of their best-kept secrets in digital marketing.

Fortunately for you, if you are reading this article, I am one of them!

Just to set your expectations, I’m not here to give you the magic pill to skyrocket your Facebook Page’s like from 10 to 10,000. That’s not gonna happen.

What I’m going reveal are the ways I personally do to increase my own Facebook Page’s likes.

So without further ado, here are free ways on how you can increase your Facebook page likes for FREE.

1. Join relevant Facebook groups and post contents

I’m assuming that you already have your Facebook Page live. One of the most effective ways to gather free likes is to join relevant Facebook groups and post contents their.

What I do: In my case, forgive me if I tell you that I download videos from other sources and post them on my page. After posting them and getting a hefty amount of engagement and likes I will now delete the video both from the page and group.

Bonus: I use dummy account when promoting contents. I don’t care if people think it’s spamming or copyright infringing, as long as it works, I will do it.

Just keep track of everything – group name, groups that you already post your content to, and the content that you are using.

If you happen to use video or image contents that are fully yours, then this technique will be a walk in the park. A word of advice, DO NOT POST TO MORE THAN TWENTY GROUPS PER DAY to avoid getting flagged by Facebook.

Do not fall into the temptation of bombarding hundreds of groups per day. I promise, if Facebook retaliates, you will not like it.

2. Create Facebook groups

One of the benefits of having your own FB group is that you have a full control of what you and the members post. It’s also a good way to get front line audiences if you want immediate engagement.

What I do: One rule I set is that before you can join, you have to like my page first. To be honest, I don’t have any idea on whether or not people are really liking my page before they join, I don’t send personal messages either to each group applicant as it eats lots of time.

But doing this enhances my chance of getting free likes. In this kind of strategy, every free like is worth the effort.

One basic strategy is to pin your announcement on top of the page telling or encouraging people to like your page first before posting anything on the group.

3. Use auto-invite chrome extension

Oh yeah, this is probably the thing you didn’t see from any Facebook guide articles, did you?

This tool is called Invite post likers to like page in Facebook™ (I assume you immediately leave this article once you see the link. :P)

Basically what this tool does is to invite all people who reacts to your posts in your page – could be like, emojis, etc.

You just need to install the tool to your chrome browser and you are good to go. What I really like with this tool is that it has a timeout of 1.8 seconds each invite, this will allow you not to be banned by Facebook.

To use the tool, you just need to click on the post that got a lot of engagement and then click the tool on the upper right of your browser beside the URL box and it will automatically send invites to people who engaged with your post.

It will also automatically stop once it reaches the limit of 490 invites and you are good for the day. The option of stopping the tool is available as well. You can use the tool for free until you reach 100k likes.

What I do: Since my page has 22,000 page likes, it’s kind of natural that every time I make a post my followers will start sharing it. That way, I get likes from the people that are not my followers and I wait for a day or two until my post reaches around 300 engagement then I will run the tool.

4. Use content sharing websites

Basic, right? But trust me this can get you bored if not done right.

If you think social bookmarking tools are obsolete, then think again.

Search Engine Journal made a good list of social bookmarking websites that you can use to spread your content.

If you don’t manage to find a relevant content sharing site with that list, you can also refer to this list.

What I do: I sort the list of content sharing websites based on the relevancy of my page. I do not discard the not-so-relevant ones. Instead I check them if they allow other contents to be shared. If they do, then I include them to my “Others” list.

The frequency of sharing will depend on how often you can produce content or how many posts a certain content sharing website allows.

Bonus: I focus on Pinterest and Reddit as they are pretty good in my niche. They are generally good when it comes to driving likes from outside Facebook.

5. Create contests (Or should I say dummy contests?). Well, even dummy ones work too.

Before you raise your eyebrows and accuse me of anything, I want to tell you a really good story about this one:

One day I decided to make a mock contest on one of my Facebook pages. The winner will receive an authentic Jamie Oliver knife.

The requirements are simple: I make the announcement with the image of the knife and ask my followers to react on it, share it, and invite their friends to like my page.

I spent ZERO dollars on it. The post got shared 100,000 times, and I got a total of 80,000 likes in just two weeks.

Wanna know what happened next?

I contacted my Latina-looking cousin and asked her to pretend that she’s the winner. We met, I took a sexy picture of her with the knife, and made the announcement with her tagged in the post.

A good marketer tells a good story, even if it’s a lie.

Whether or not you want to try this strategy is up to you. But if you do, you need to come up with a good story and be super creative.

Do I still do this kind of promotion till now? The answer is YES! And I will blatantly say that this is the best strategy I use so far.

Pretty good sh*t, right?

All techniques mentioned above are all being done by me. Again, the strategies above don’t work overnight. You need to dedicate time and effort in doing those things. Otherwise, you can spend money on Facebook promotion.