Step by Step on How to Create a Perfect Facebook Post

Facebook is a platform that offers many possibilities, both Facebook pages for companies and users. The popularity that you reach in your publications does not only depend on how many followers you have, but also on the quality of these.

You can not expect many interactions to be created if what you post does not interest your followers. Therefore r egla No. 1 to share content on Facebook is sharing quality content for your followers .

This does not mean that you have to create it yourself, you can simply perform a good cure of content and share what you think is convenient.

The main idea is clear, but many times you sit in front of the computer and do not know what to share … this can happen especially when you take care of an account, either your company or any other.

Ideas for a post on Facebook

  1. Always respond to comments and “like” clicks from users.
  2. Invite someone who is knowledgeable in your field to interact with your brand’s fans during a certain time.
  3. Ask your users questions. So you will also get information about the behavior of the followers of the brand.
  4. Create debates with current issues related to your brand.
  5. Do not be afraid and ask your community for ideas to improve. You can ask what content they miss on your page, what they would like to see, what they liked the most or least …
  6. It launches riddles to favor the interaction of the users.
  7. Ask hypothetical questions.
  8. Share content from your blog or from the company. So you will also generate traffic to it.
  9. Includes forms for subscribing to the company’s newsletter on Facebook or the blog.
  10. Share information about the current affairs of the brand (promotions, news, job vacancies, etc.).
  11. Make promotions only for your fans on Facebook by  advertising them offline too to attract audiences and convert them into followers.
  12. Label real people in the images to increase traffic. Be careful with this and you do not believe Spam.
  13. Publish eye-catching , special, mysterious, beautiful photos … any type of image related to your brand that attracts attention.
  14. Organize contests to title photographs. There are applications to manage contests on Facebook that are very useful.
  15. Post photographs of events organized by the brand or where they have participated.
  16. Post images of your products
  17. If you carry a company account, humanize it and publish images of the workers or even yourself (keep in mind that it is not a personal account so do not overdo it).
  18. Show your fans the ins and outs of the company with photographs or videos. Keep in mind every detail because if you do not do this, it can turn against you.
  19. Compare two products in one photo and encourage your followers to interact with comments about the two products.
  20. Take advantage of the calendar. If there is a holiday, international dedicated to anything, holiday period … share it and congratulate it to create content on Facebook.

These ideas for posts on Facebook are great. If you are constant and you have patience probably creating good content you will reach your goals.

Do not forget to use Facebook Insights to perform an analysis and thus know what is the content that has better reception.

To shorten the links it would be good if you used or some similar tool. Besides shortening them, it will offer you complete statistics about the effect that these published links have had.