What is CRM and How Important is it?

Definitely understand what CRM is and its importance

Selling is the foundation, the core of support for any company. We can have a great product, a high quality production, but if sales don’t happen, the company closes its doors. In this sense, proper control in this process is not only important, it is fundamental, the basis. It is in this scenario, which is of vital importance to any business, that CRM fits in. Understanding what CRM is will give you much more control over your company’s sales process!

CRM is nothing more than the acronym for Customer Relationship Management , or customer relationship management. Except for rare cases or niche markets, sales never happen on first contact without a relationship.

It takes a process, a follow-up, to make it effective.

In a company with multiple potential customers, with a sales team, how to do this control? This is where CRM is key!

With it, it will be possible to maintain a correct control of the process as a whole. The sales manager will have much more accurate data. The process will be much simpler and more complete. But it’s not enough for you to know what the acronym CRM means. You need to understand how it can help you in your business, right?

What is CRM – Customer Relationship Management ?

Basically, CRM is software that controls the marketing, sales and delivery processes as a whole. It can even be done in spreadsheets, but much productivity is lost with them.

But to be clear about what CRM is, you need to understand that it is not just software. This is the tool. CRM is a strategy.

The main use of CRM is related to the process, where the customer becomes the center of the strategy. Yes, when using a sales CRM , for example, you will have a complete level, based on customer behavior, of buying actions. In this scenario, you can verify the entire sales funnel process.

CRM software will organize companies, customers or general contacts by stage in the sales process.

For example, someone requesting a quote is a prospect but has not yet made the purchase. No business lives on budgets, does it? What really brings results are sales!

If this customer is no longer “warm”, either by marketing or relationship strategies, they may not buy or remember the company. But if there is a process, a strategy for him to become a customer, he is much more likely to make the purchase.

Doing this with a client is not that complex. But when do you serve thousands of customers and prospects a day? How to organize the flow of information?

This is where CRM is critical! He does the entire customer management process. Do you know what is better? CRM software brings results for every type of business.

National and international organizations can have great results with CRM!

Small business CRM is one of the key issues for those looking to improve sales. After all, no matter how big your company is, it needs customer relationship.

The importance of customer relationships

There was a time when it was enough to “be seen to be remembered.” The media in general was dominated by large corporations and millionaire budgets. At this time, communication, the relationship with the customer, was unidirectional. But everything has changed!

Today, a good customer relationship will make all the difference. As we said, sales rarely happen on the first contact. It takes a process of “ripening” for it to happen.

This process happens in only one way: the relationship.

Regardless of your industry, it is in relationships that most sales happen. Companies that invest appropriately in customer relationships have a much higher return on sales.

Even companies that work for other companies, not for the end consumer, B2B calls, have great results when they improve customer relationships.

We are bombarded daily by thousands of advertisements. But what reminds us of a brand and prefer it at the time of the purchase decision? The relationship.

Salespeople, clerks, franchisees, everyone who somehow integrates your sales team, need to be aware of this. Aligning this with the use of CRM software will make you get much better results.

But my business works fine even without using this software!

In this case, your company does not need a CRM?

Do you and your business need CRM software?

The answer is simple: yes! No matter the segment, number of employees, sales process or billing. A CRM is critical to her!

A company that does not use good CRM software, or that does not encourage the centralization of processes in it, loses control over sales. Imagine the following scenario: You have to travel for some reason. How will you track the activities of your sales team? How will you know which tasks are specific to each one? Without a proper process this will be impossible!

Or if you have a branch or franchise, how do you stay on top of the sales process? Without a CRM, impossible!

If your company works with sales representatives, how to control their activities and measure their efficiency? With good CRM software!

CRM is a fundamentally important tool for business growth. It will give you accurate data, either for growth tracking or projection.

But it is very important to understand that not quite understand what CRM is. You need to apply its features in practice. You really need to use it. Otherwise, the results will not yet appear.

Every business that wants to grow, that wants to sell more and faster and more economically, needs a CRM. Otherwise, the sales process will be amateur, precarious and time or other, will bring loss of money.

Investing in good CRM software is much more than a cost, but a return-guaranteed investment for your business.