Google Analytics Services

As website user behavior and technology changes, the way businesses collect and analyze information about their websites should also change. Among other tools, Google Analytics is arguably one of the indispensable website analytics tools available today.

However, what most website owners don’t know is that for them to leverage the power of this tool, a strategic and customized implementation is required. This is where Google Analytics services come in.

Importance of Google Analytics

Tracks how web users find their way to your website. Google Analytics tracks and indicates where website traffic comes from. Your customers could be from Google search, links from your email newsletters, a visit on your Yelp page, social media, PPC, and more.

This tool also shows which pages on a website the visitors are landing on. Such information can help when it comes to taking advantage of web traffic sources and optimize the web pages traffic is landing on. Google Analytics indicates where a blog requires enhancement

Note that each web page on a website contributes to your ultimate business objective; create new clients. Google Analytics tool can show how each web page works and how effective it is when it comes to lead acquisition. If your website has a page that describes your products or services, this tool can analyze its performance by indicating;

· The time people spend on that web page
· How much traffic the web page receives
· The web pages that got most views
· How the web visitors arrived at that web page
· The keywords they searched to find your website
· Other details such as web visitors’ locations and the operating systems they use.

Our Google Analytics services are the answer for high traffic websites that require granular data, reduced sampling, and collection of high volume and accurate data, or exclusive features and excellent integrations.

With Poxse as your growth hack partner, you can be assured of actual hands on technical work, planning, strategy, and implementation regarding Google Analytics. We will become not only a true partner but also an extension of your business team.

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