Google Maps Integration

Google maps integration presents a great marketing opportunity for businesses. Google maps were invented primarily for giving directions but with new technologies and innovations, Google maps have evolved and become more useful. Google allows customers looking for specific goods or services to find businesses that offer what the customers are looking for within their locale.

Google maps also offer additional user-friendly features as well to both business owners and customers. Every business out there should exploit the marketing opportunity presented by Google through Google Maps Integration.

How can Businesses Benefit from Google Maps Integration?

Google Maps Integration involves submitting information about a business entity to Google Places. The information required includes business name, physical address or location, contacts, business operation hours and other key information including pictures of the business premises.

When a business owner integrates their business with Google maps it makes it easier for customers to locate the business on Google maps. When customers query items, goods or services on Google search engine, Google search result pages display businesses that offer relevant items or services. The maps allow customers to locate and access business establishments with ease.

Google maps integration is good for brick-and-mortar businesses especially those without a strong online presence such as a website. Business owners can post videos, street view images of their premises and special offers on Google places. Google maps integration enhances a business’ online presence.

Google Maps Integration also helps establish trust with potential customers. A customer is likely to trust business with a physical address where the customer can visit and interact directly with the business.

Integrating a business with Google maps is a two-way traffic system because it also allows business owners to see where their customers are on the map. This feature is very useful especially to businesses that offer services such as plumbing, cleaning, renovations etc. Such businesses may at times need to visit their customers to give quotes or deliver their services. Google maps also allow customers and business owners to filter search results by location.

Google Maps Integration puts you ahead of your competition. If you want to integrate your business with Google maps, you need it done right. At Poxse, we offer Google Maps Integration services and other digital marketing services. Please feel free to contact us and we will respond immediately with high quality digital marketing solutions.