Benefits of Google My Business for Small Businesses

With billions of searches everyday, there’s no need to see a case study for you to start getting your local business to Google My Business.

Google has been making a lot effort for many years to help local and small businesses grow using its wide variety of free products. However, those products caused a lot of confusion and small business owners didn’t really benefit from them.

But with the release of Google My Business, local stores started to reap the benefits of being listed in Google Maps. The most exciting part of this feature is that business owners don’t need to pay a penny to have their businesses listed in Google Maps.

So what exactly are the benefits of having your business verified in Google My Business? Here are some of the underrated benefits that few small business owners are aware of

Optimize one or more local branches for free

Unlike any other directories, you can submit one or more businesses to Google Maps. This is called bulk verification. Google allows business owners to submit two or more businesses in one submission process.

This is beneficial for every business because once verified, it will automatically generate a separate Google Plus page for every registered businesses. This allows you to optimize your business pages and get lots of business inquiries.

Google My Business is mobile-friendly

Google Maps is mobile-friendly and users have access to it anytime, anywhere.

And in instant access for users means greater chances of getting customers from Mobile Google search. This also means that your business can be searched by users that are on the go.

Chances are high that they might find your business right away if ever they are in vicinity of your local store.

Instant Information

Having your business verified in Google Maps also allows you to present valuable information in an instant for your target audience.

Google Maps also gives direction to where your business is located whenever someone is searching for it, making it easier for them to go to your location.

Your Google Plus Page is Shareable 

Once you added and verified your business to Google Maps, it will automatically have a dedicated Google Plus page.

And your page is shareable across different web platforms especially social media. This means that you have a greater chance of reaching a wide pool of audience.

It helps in building a loyal fan base

Users are allowed to rate a business in Google Maps and leave a review. Once you’ve provided a good service or products, you can expect a good rating and review.

And having a good rating, means your local business will be shown more often than your competitors in the same area. Combine it with positive Facebook and other social network reviews, your business will definitely benefit from having listed in Google Maps.