How To Find Good Keywords For SEO (Google Tools Suggestion)


Keyword research is somewhat the heart of the game in Search Engine Optimization. Everything starts in searching for the right term for your website whether you are optimizing a business or personal website.  To search a product, services or any information on Google, users need a keyword or a query. For a website to get visibility on Google search result, the website itself must contain the relevant keywords and work around it so that it will have a greater chance of ranking.

Good keywords help to increase organic traffic and sales conversion, but the question is “How do I find those potential keywords for my website?”

Google is the leading search engine and delivers majority of organic traffic to all websites around the globe. It is essential to get the potential keywords from Google tools. On this article, we will show you some of the easiest means to conduct a keyword research or analysis in finding a good, profitable, and manageable keywords possible:

1. Google search hints or Auto-Complete

When users search “skin care online” in Google, it automatically shows list of keywords search. From there, we found some good keywords to be use for SEO e.g. “skin care online malaysia”, “skin care online shopping malaysia” and “skin care online store”. Auto-complete or Search hits enable the user to locate the most accurate search terms that he might consider in performing a query-based search in Google. This is also a good tool to start digging for prospect keywords that we might use in the long run.


2. Google search related Searches

Try search “marketing company in malaysia”, the footer section often show related search results. From the related results, we can find some good keywords. Google related search features allows a users to try another variation of terms in searching for something. Usually, this feature comes up when performing a wide variety of searches in a very stiff competition types of niche.


3. Google trend related search

Every year Google receive more than a trillion queries per day. With the big data collected from users, the search trend reflects the keywords interest over time.

Aside from searching new furniture shop, users also looking for second-hand furniture.
google relate search result

4. Google Analytics Report

Website with analytics tracking code is the perfect tool to trace good keywords landing on a website. However, on 18th October 2011 Google has altered their search algorithm by hiding all potential keywords into keywords not provided. It only discloses limited keywords. Though this is one of the great free keyword tools to use, it still requires a connection between your analytics and webmaster tools account. The interface is pretty simple – You are able to see what search terms users use to find your site. It has the same data that the webmaster tools is showing.


5. Google Webmaster Tool

Webmaster tool keeps track a website’s impression, Click-Through-Rate, and the average position of a page in a certain query or search term. It is a good source to get keywords idea. However, it only collect three months data and the new interface have limitation to show only top 999 keywords.

New interface

Old interface

6. Google keywords Planner

The most popular keyword tool among marketers, by inserting a page link or keyword, it will generate list of keywords suggestion with estimated search volume and competition. However, the keywords tool often kill off long tail keywords suggestion e.g. “furniture store in kuala lumpur malaysia” or “buy cheap mobile phone in malaysia” because it has been set to provide exact match keywords which usually contain a lower search volume compare to the broad ones.

To use this tool, a user should have a gmail account. Registering to Google Keyword Planner tool is one click away. If you already have a gmail account, you can just sign in and you are good.



Actually there are other ways to get keywords, next post we will cover more on non-Google strategy.