How to Verify Ten or More Locations in Google Maps

google-bulk-verification-guidesGoogle maps is a vital part of local search engine optimization. It also plays a big role for both customers and local businesses. Verifying your business through Google Maps adds authority for your business and its search engine presence.

However, if you are managing ten or more branches and you want to verify them, it would take a lot of time do the verification one by one.

On this article, we will walk you through the process on how to do bulk verification in Google Maps.

Requirements: Email address (Much better if you will use a company or website email address for faster verification), Company logo, complete address, store hours, store code, and website (if exists).

NOTE: Be sure to get everything ready before proceeding to submission. This will save you a lot of time.

Step 1: Create Account (You can either create a new gmail account or use your company email to register)

Go to Fill out the required information. If you are going to use a company email, just click “I prefer to use my current email address”.


Please note that if you are using a gmail account, you will have to verify the ownership of that email. Google will send a verification link to your gmail account. If you are using a company email but the domain extension is not the same as the website of the business, the same process will be applied. For company emails that uses the same extension as the website, no verification will be done.

Step 2: Download the Spreadsheet

After creating your account you will be redirected to your Google Business Dashboard ( From there, click “Download Template”. I suggest downloading both the template and sample spreadsheet to give you a clear idea on what to do.


Step 3: Download the Spreadsheet and fill the required information


After downloading the sheet, fill the required information. Please be mindful of the store code and how the address is segregated. The required field for address is based on the United States. So be careful when aligning your address.

Critical Areas:
Store Code
Address Line 1
Administrative Area
Postal Code
Primary Phone
Primary Category
Store Hours

You can ignore the description because it is no longer required in the submission. Please be careful as possible when filling up the sheet to avoid any problems in the next steps.

Step 4: Upload the spreadsheet

After filling the form, you can now submit it to Google. Go back to and navigate to the page where you downloaded the sheet. And on the dashboard, click “Select File”.


Double check again your submission details before proceeding to the next step. If everything is good click “Continue to Import” on the upper right side of the window. You will be redirected to the last stage of the verification process.


They will inform you if there are further errors on the submission. You can always revert back to fix the errors. There are times that Google may see errors even if you already fixed it. Click submit if you are okay with the submission. You will again redirect to the list of businesses you registered using bulk verification. Normally there will be errors on the address part. You can edit them on the dashboard.

No specific time specified on the guidelines as to how long will it take for you to receive an email verification from Google regarding the submission. It depends on the number of businesses that you want to get verified.