15 Practical Uses of Google Trends Every Marketer Should be Aware of

Google Trends is one of the most powerful tools Google offers in their array of free products. It has the capability to pull out recent data and be used for marketing and other purposes. But inspite of this features, there are still many people who are not aware of its advantage. Even its existence. In this post, we will unveil some of the underrated uses of Google trends that will beat even some of the premium listening tools out there.

Dig Real Time Data

Google trends is built for this purpose. To pull out real time data and search trends. For digital marketers, this can be used in making a case study about a certain topic in the chosen industry. It can work well hand in hand with Google Alert and Google Keyword tool to justify the numbers behind a certain trend.

Keyword Research

Sick of using Google Keyword Tool? Try Google Trends instead. One advantage of using this tool is that the data can be adjusted up to 4 hours past. Meaning it can provide data as early as 4 hours past of the event or trend. It works perfect in writing a timely blog post or news article.

Content Creation

Works well for both blog and news article, Google Trends gives everyone the opportunity to jump to the bandwagon through its recent trending topics in virtually all industry, giving every content creator and article writer a different angle when producing timely contents. This also works well for those who manage viral blogs.

Spying Competition

Google Alert is perfect for this purpose. But Google Trends can be a good alternative. In a way, this tool can see if a certain brand is thriving through its interest data. Marketers can take advantage of it especially if all their competitors are being indexed by Google (which in a lot of cases, they do). Brand mentions and other related searches can be seen through Google Trends. Whether the demand is rising or falling, it all depends on the time set to see the trend.

Bring Back Data Drom the Stone Age

Think that Google removes webpages that are indexed 10 years ago? Try checking Google trends and prove yourself wrong. You can even see a trend 10 years past. Why do this? In depth marketing analysis needs lots of data to be studied and this is where Google Trends plays a vital role. People’s behavior in search change year after year. And if you are the kind of person who wants to see how people evolved in the last 10 years or so, Google Trends will be your best choice.

Anticipate Growing Search Interest

Google Trends shows if a certain interest or search term is rising. It can be seen at the bottom of the dashboard after entering the term to watch for. These data can be used in building the people’s interest long before the trend for a certain topic becomes full blown.

Link Acquisition Opportunity

A lot of SEOs out there don’t use this tool for link building. But there are few who enjoy the benefit of using Google Trends in acquiring links by finding relevant websites and blogs for relationship building and guest posting.

Optimize title tags

Yes that’s true. Google Trends can be used in optimizing title tags to entice Click-Through-Rate and possibly rankings. Take advantage of the growing trends by using the related search terms in the title tag of the webpage.

Local Market Monitoring

Google Trends can also be used in monitoring local market. If you are a small business and want to get updated with the local market trends, this tool will be useful for you. In addition, this tool can also be used in conducting an extensive market research.

Curate Ideas

Using the data gathered from Google Trends, you can curate existing ideas to make it your own. A lot of content marketers do this using premium tools. But if you don’t have enough budget to purchase one, Google Trends might just be enough. Just a little brainstorming and ideation is needed.

Creating Content Calendar

Knowing the seasonal shifts and changes in consumer behavior, it is critical to make a content calendar to provide what users are looking for. Google Trends helps in this matter by giving information on what type of topics/search people want to see depending on the season of every year. This enables marketers to produce content that is timely and relevant.

Keeping an Eye of Regional Behavior

Google Trends’ data differ from region to region. It depends on the search behavior of people living in different regions around the world. With this tool, marketers will have an idea on what content should be presented with people living in different geography.

Create Video Ideas

Just like producing articles, Google Trends can help video producers to make compelling and engaging videos not just for marketing. But for other purposes as well. With the right data interpretation, marketers can take advantage of the competition by making timely and relevant videos.

Construct Brand Message

Brand messaging is very crucial in the success of a certain brand. It has to hit the sweet spot so that people will be encouraged to engage to a brand. Take for example how Budweiser deliver their message every time there’s a Super Bowl event. That’s the season of every year that they spend millions of dollars and exert extensive effort in sending their message to their target audience. With the help of Google Trends, marketers can also align their brand messaging properly by relying on the data provided by this tool.

Can Also Be Used to Justify Analytics Data

There’s this one client of mine asking about reason behind the traffic drop despite having all his keywords ranked in the first page of Google. In fact, majority of the keywords are ranking number 1 for heavily competitive search. I used Google Trends data to show him the decreased in the search interest that relates to his keywords. So whenever you’re having a hard time looking for the reason behind traffic drop or increase, you can always turn your attention to Google Trends. It will be of big help.


There are still tons of ways on how to take advantage of Google Trends. The aforementioned ones are some of the most common that are not being used often by most marketers. You can always dig in and play the tool as extensive as you want to find more opportunities.