What Is Google AdWords? How It Help To Increase Business Revenue?


Google AdWords is an online advertising platform provided by Google. Adwords helps businesses grow by driving interested audiences to visit their website and increase business enquiry. Business advertisers can set their daily budget, bid the target keywords and ads space they are willing to pay.

Type Of Bidding:

1. Cost per clicks (CPC) Bidding – Advertisers pay for each click of the ads. If someone views the ads without taking action to click, no charge on ads viewing. For example, Jason bid RM1 for the keyword of “car repair services”, his ads been view for 1000 times along with 50 clicks, the ads charge is RM50.

2. Cost per thousand impressions (CPM) bidding – Advertisers pay based on the number of impressions (1000 times of the ads view to the audiences). E.g. Jenny bid RM1 for 1000 ads impressions, her ads been view for 1000 times together with 10 clicks, the ads fee is RM1.

3. Cost-per-acquisition (CPA) Bidding – No win no pay, advertisers only pay Google for each successful conversion, no charge on clicks and impression e.g. Tommy bid RM50 for each successful sales conversion, regardless how many clicks or impression been view, the bill still stick to RM50 per conversion.

Type of Adwords campaigns:

1. Search Network – Focus on keywords search, the ads visible on Google search result

2. Display Network only – Focuses on banner ads, the ads visible across Google display network including blog, forum, apps, google map, video and gmail.


3. Search Network with Display Select – a combination of both display and search network

4. Video network – Video ads on YouTube and across the web


5. Shopping – Applicable for those with Google Merchant Center account, currently this services is not available in Malaysia.