How To Choose the Best Hosting for My Blog

The hosting or web hosting is “service that provides Internet users a system to store information, images, video, or any content accessible via the web” , ie the place where you hang it all the information on your website, your space in the network.

The companies that provide space for a server to their customers are usually called with the English term web host and there are “kicked” as it is a big business around the world. That’s why this article, so you do not get dizzy when looking for the best hosting or web hosting.

How to choose the best hosting or web hosting to create our own blog?

When you face the choice of hosting for your blog, you must take into account several aspects. Very often the economic aspects guide this choice, which is a serious error that can lead to total failure.  

There are many companies that offer free hosting and others that sell their services as “the best hosting for wordpress” or “the best hosting in Spanish” thus fooling a good number of people who start. 

The question is not which is the best paid hosting or which is the best free hosting. The  technical factors to choose a hosting should also be taken into account if we want our choice of hosting is the best for us. 

Economic factors and technical factors will guide our choice.

There are many technical characteristics to consider but if you are starting in this I do not think it is necessary to know them all, just take into account some of them: Control panel, Email accounts, Technical support, Domain and subdomains capacity, Base of data and Disk space.

Control panel or cPanel

The Control Panel  or cPanel is the tool from which you will manage your website in an easy way, so it must have an interface that is as clean as possible. 

Most of the companies that offer hosting offer a demo of the cPanel so you can see how it is before hiring their services. 

Currently, the majority of web hosting companies offer  good control panels, which makes it easier for webmasters to work and even allows for some statistics such as visits, disk space used or bandwidth consumed.

Disk space

Maybe the space on the disk is one of the least important factors to create your own blog unless your intention is to create a monster, which I do not believe to be your first online project. 

The space on the disk is the total memory your space on the web will have. This space is measured in MB as the computer. 

Obviously the files that occupy more space are the images and the videos as well as some plugins and applications. 

There are very effective methods to download weight your web hosting and thus improve the speed of loading the page in addition to freeing disk space.

Server characteristics

The server is nothing more than a computer, and like any computer, good technical characteristics are required.

The most important features are the speed of the processor and RAM.

In many occasions this information is not offered, so it is advisable to contact technical support to make sure.

Number of domains, subdomains and parking

The number of domains offered by hosting companies is very variable and depends to a large extent on the service pack you choose. For example, Banahost offers only one domain in its most economical pack and unlimited domains in the rest. 

What is most interesting to my project? It all depends on if you have more projects in mind, then maybe it is better to choose the option with unlimited domains. 

If you do not have anything else in mind you can choose the most economical pack and think about expanding it in the future.

Email accounts

Here we are talking about professionalism. The server itself offers you the possibility of using an email with your own domain. 

Example: The server will give you all the data you need to manage this account from a mail manager. 

It is also important to see if the amount of email accounts offered by the service is adequate to our needs.

Technical support

One of the aspects, undoubtedly, more important that you must take into account. Everyone promises the moon but not everyone can offer it at the moment you need it. 

In case of server failure (believe me it happens), you will appreciate having hired a hosting with good technical support. If that is not the case perhaps you can get to lose everything you had on the web. 

You can test yourself the speed of technical support by  contacting them to ask for example by the characteristics of the server, or even check on Google (writing for example “hostinger opinions” ) before hiring any service or even since you are sure to find previous experiences from other users.

In short, a cheap hosting can be expensive if you do not choose well according to your convenience and its technical characteristics (Control Panel, Email Accounts, Technical Support, Domain and subdomains capacity, Database and Disk space). 

There are many competent companies that offer web hosting: Hostinger, Bannahosting, Hostgator, and Bluehost.