15 Most Common Digital Marketing Tips in Malaysia That Actually Works

With the number of strategies that circulate on the web, looking for advice on digital marketing tips in Malaysia to improve your campaigns is a commitment that you must make as a manager of your business.

This is valid for any stated objective.

Whether to position, generate leads, convert sales or bring the brand closer to the public, there is no way to stop prioritizing actions in digital environments.

The Internet is the place where you find your person , work on the visibility of your business and arouse the interest of your public in the solutions you offer them.

It is not that offline channels are worthless, but it is undeniable that digital marketing is currently a mandatory field of knowledge for entrepreneurs.

And this is due to both cost and scope.

In other words, you reach many more people with less expense.

If you still don’t feel fully prepared to build a successful strategy, don’t worry.

In this article I gathered the 15 most valuable tips on digital marketing for your business.

When you put them into practice, you will have a kind of guide to prepare, execute and evaluate your actions.

It’s time to boost the results of your campaigns on sites, blogs and social networks.

Come with me and discover for yourself many things that will develop your digital marketing strategy in Malaysia to boost your business.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a set of strategies that uses a digital medium, such as the internet and cell phones, for the dissemination and commercialization of solutions to the public.

Although sometimes it is summarized to internet marketing, it is important to understand that this strategy goes much further.

Obviously, its main characteristic is the performance of actions online.

So much so, that the use of digital marketing began fully in the 90s, a period in which the internet began to have a progressive commercial use in the world.

Later, its own characteristics gave rise to other very interesting differentiators.

For example, unlike traditional marketing , digital campaigns are more easily measured and analyzed.

This allows us to understand in real time what is working or not, and thus promote the necessary adaptations in search of a more favorable ROI.

Benefits of digital marketing

The invention of the internet and its massive use opened the doors to digital marketing.

But it was from smart phones, the famous smartphones, that companies found themselves facing a new reality.

The way of conversing with the public changed. And it was for the best.

Digital marketing grows exponentially in popularity, due to its effectiveness in reaching and involving clients by the means they access.

Today’s public has infinite possibilities in the palm of their hands to drive what they choose.

If you are a beginner in the matter and you wonder what are the real benefits of digital marketing for your business, you have come to the right place.

I have selected the main advantages for you to invest in this strategy today.

No time to lose!

Measurable outcomes

Digital marketing tools provide you with robust and reliable reports.

They show accurate results about the course and performance of your campaigns.

To give you an example, how many people opened your email or clicked on a specific link.


The consumers are looking for more personalized experiences, not found in traditional marketing, because this is generic in nature.

Digital marketing is different.

This allows you to use the interests and preferences of a person, who in turn integrates a group of individuals and meets the characteristics with the ideal customer profile for your business.

Which makes it possible to adapt the message they receive, according to their tastes.

Reach a wider audience

As long as marketing is done online, it can already be accessed by a huge global audience.

Considering that with traditional marketing you are limited to a geographic area, meanwhile, the means of digital marketing reach a much larger audience.

Space and time are not impediments.

Easy to optimize

One of the benefits of digital marketing is the possibility of obtaining several reports with different metrics capable of analyzing the performance of your campaign.

That way, if you notice something that is not as you thought, it is easy to fix it.

You can try different actions, measure which was the best and select it as the main tactic of your next campaigns.

Better conversion rates

The conversion of an online client depends only on a click.

This means that, instead of taking the phone or entering your car and driving to a store, you can click on your email, which will take you to a place to make a purchase.

It’s that easy and fast.

You also have the possibility to learn more about your business in the comfort of your home.

It is an experience similar to the one you are doing now, looking for advice on digital marketing.

15 most common digital marketing tips that every entrepreneur in malaysia should apply to their business

There is no doubt that your marketing strategy must be digital.

If not integrally, at least in large part.

Well, the competition already noticed that need.

On top of everything, it’s a way for companies to incorporate so-called content marketing to gain authority and capture leads.

The truth is that consumers and companies are always online.

In such a context, you will be able to reach them, observe their behavior and discover by which means they travel most frequently.

So take advantage of this list with 15 tips on digital marketing and chart your actions to help your business grow healthy.

Define your target audience

First of all, ask yourself the following question: Could my actions be directed at the most suitable people?

For both traditional marketing and digital marketing strategies, you need to know who you’re talking to.

The best digital marketing strategies are based on the details that shape the personality of consumers.

Then your first step is to characterize them.

People buyers represent your ideal client and can be created by researching and interviewing the target audience of your business.

Your group (the subjects of your research) should be made up of: clients, potential clients and people outside of your data bank, but who resemble your target audience.

It is important that the information is based on real data.

Making assumptions can lead your strategy in the wrong direction.

For the construction of your people, you have to take into account aspects such as location point, position, income, hobbies, objectives and challenges.

Build your online presence

With the Micro-Moments revolution , your company needs to build a strong virtual presence to stay active in the market.

Since people often search for products or services on the internet, before leaving home, you must make them find you.

In addition to having a corporate site or a virtual store, it is interesting to identify the social networks that your customers use the most and maintain an active account in all of them.

Always keep your site updated

When you hear about a new product or brand, one of the first things you do is search for it on the internet?

This is standard practice today.

Your company’s site is the virtual representation of your business or physical store, and many times, the consumer’s first contact with your product or service.

Therefore, having a site with updated content is essential to capture the attention of that potential customer.

At the same time, you can get them to browse more pages on your site, get to know your company and identify with it.

Optimize for mobile

With smartphones, we can say that the mobile era began.

Consumers are increasingly making decisions and buying through cell phones.

But what many companies have not yet learned is that the key to success in reaching consumers is fully providing them with a positive user experience on such mobile devices.

Thus, the first step is for your site to have a responsive design.

Which allows the display of content to be adapted to any type of campaign.

Another important requirement is to think of AMP versions for your pages.

Since people often leave a page when the loading time is excessive.

Make a good marketing plan

In addition to knowing where you want to go, it is necessary to have a detailed planning of the strategies that you are going to apply along the way.

For any campaign to be successful, a good marketing plan must be projected accordingly.

It is the one that will guide you to follow the most appropriate course, that is, the one you identified in your market research and other tools.

Remember that this is a flexible document, that is, open to alterations when you consider it appropriate.

Have a blog

According to a survey by Hubspot, about 53% marketers say that maintaining an active blog is the top priority of your inbound marketing strategies.

Having a blog is essential for your site to get a better ranking in the search mechanisms.

It also helps to generate more traffic.

It is a way of answering the questions of your audience in a natural way, showing that your company has authority in the matter.

Produce quality content

Producing quality content is your best decision, if you want to have sustainable growth.

You can do everything to get people to your site, but if you can’t keep them attracted to what you present, it will be a total waste of time.

Google continues to refine its algorithms to improve the visitor experience.

And that is reflected in the results that this tool offers as a suggestion to the searches that users make.

In other words, it practically forces companies to create content that captivates people and thus achieve a good ranking when they find them on the web.

Don’t forget about SEO

This is a bit more technical factor, but it is worth paying close attention.

Good SEO practices are one of the elements that most influence organic traffic.

When it comes to SEO for blog posts, optimization should be an ongoing strategy.

This includes:

  • Use keywords in the post URL
  • Use long tail keywords throughout text
  • Include multimedia material in your content (photos, diagrams, videos, etc.)
  • Include links to other relevant content from the blog itself or from businesses that work with you
  • Add buttons to share on social networks.

Invest in social networks 

Today it is difficult to find someone who is not part of some social network.

It is essential that you have a profile on the channels most used by your audience so that you can establish links with them.

All this allows the viralization  of the produced content and a more direct and humanized communication between the company and the client.

It is not worth leaving the customer waiting for a response for a long time.

In addition, when you use the right tools, you manage to monitor what users say about your company on social networks and correct negative situations.

Email marketing

Along with social networks, email marketing is a fabulous channel of communication with customers.

Thanks to the tools available in the market, it is possible to personalize the message, in such a way that it causes a feeling of exclusivity in the client and the relationship between you is strengthened.

The method is very good for spreading news from the blog, through a well-prepared newsletter .

The latter is used to send exclusive offers and nurture leads until the moment of conversion through marketing automation.

Sell benefits, not products

When browsing the internet, the user does not want to be bombarded by ads.

It is no coincidence that there are tools like AdBlock to block advertisements.

So your approaches should be less commercial in weight.

That is, the ideal is that you make clear to the visitor the benefits that your product or service provides.

Remember that a friendly tone helps build lasting customer relationships.

Know each stage of your sales funnel

Do you know the sales funnel of your business?

If not yet, it is time to learn more about your company.

The funnel is a tool that facilitates the intelligent management of your sales opportunities.

In terms of digital marketing, that means attracting more people who don’t know your business yet.

Which is accomplished through your content, the work of nurturing your prospects until they are ready to make the purchase.

Optimize Call-to-Action

CTA is the acronym for the English term Call to Action.

That is its objective: to encourage the visitor to do a certain action through a somewhat imperative language.

It could be a call to download an e-book or request a free test, for example.

It is usually with the use of buttons or also links inserted throughout the content itself.

My advice is to apply the A / B tests to identify the variations of those calls and see which ones generate more results.

Calculate ROI

As I mentioned before, one of the great advantages of digital marketing is the possibility of accurately measuring the results of your campaigns.

With the data in hand, it is possible to calculate the ROI of each action and discover the cost of each lead or each conversion.

Therefore, set aside time to analyze your strategies and calculate if the investment is really generating the expected results.

Thus, you maintain stable growth and avoid damages.

Performance: the faster the better

Invest in optimizing your site and you will improve its performance.

The rejection rate for pages that take a long time to load is usually high.

To lower this indicator, try to use as few images as possible

These greatly influence the loading time of your page.

And of course, responsive design also has a positive impact.


In this article you realized the best digital marketing tips to build your strategy.

It is essential to propose campaigns on online channels so that you have notoriety, generate leads and conquer the sales you want.

Your client is on the internet.

What are you waiting to interact with him?

Don’t forget to count on Klickpages for best results.

This tool offers you a good path to success.

Until next time!