10 Digital Marketing Strategies That You Should Prepare for 2017

It’s exactly 38 days to go before the year 2016 ends and everyone scrambles to prepare for celebration for the upcoming new year’s celebration.

Digital marketing on the other hand has a different perspective – strategies for 2017.

It’s undoubtedly crucial to prepare your digital marketing strategies and plans for 2017 as early as now in order for your business to cope with the soaring competition.

And if you don’t have any idea on what strategy to prepare for next year, here are 10 of the best digital marketing strategies you can prepare for next year.

1. Focus on Website Responsiveness

Mobile is the future of internet. The number of mobile users is expected to double in 2017 as technology advances. Business that rely on website should take advantage of it by optimizing their website for mobile users. Make sure to test every element of the website to ensure the highest quality in terms of user experience.

2. Triple Your Social Media Marketing Effort

More people will flock to social media websites next year. So including social media marketing efforts in your planning will be one of the most important aspect of your business. Preparing a content calendar for the whole 2017 will make the work easier. Start producing your social media materials to be shared next year.

3. Update Your Ideal Customer Profile and Personas

Who are your ideal customers? And what makes them best suited for your business? Identify the best engaging type of customers from 2016 and see if you can make something that will target more of those types. If you don’t have an ideal buyer profile and personas, you can start segmenting them now.

4. Videos as the Front Line of Content Marketing

Videos produce more engagement and conversion among any other types of content. This is where you can engage your target audience without having to write a thousand word article. If videos dominated in 2016, it will be more so in 2017. Prepare a list of video submission website as early as now and start segmenting them based on the relevancy of the videos that you are creating.

5. Local Exposure

Local SEO is now becoming more and more dominant especially for small businesses thus making it an integral part of your 2017 digital marketing planning. As early as now, you can start finding local resources to utilize for local business opportunities, craft the best product or services description, and choose the best images to describe your business.

6. Data Mining and Analytics

Digital marketing is all about data. Without it, you will have no clear path as to where you really want to go and how far. Data ruled in 2016, but again it will be more significant in 2017. Google Analytics is more than enough if you are looking for a free analytics tool. But for other special purposes, buying a new tool will be the best option.

7. Create Long Contents

Of course not for the purpose of just creating skyscraper contents. It must provide value to your target audience. These types of contents are starting to rule in 2016 and is expected to change the landscape of content marketing in the coming years. So as early as now, you start preparing for the best, and long content that you will utilize for your digital marketing strategies in 2017.

8. Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is a process of making strategies, analyzing buyer’s journey or customer interactions, and all other aspects of managing customer relationship and improving sales. There are very few businesses out there that have knowledge in CRM, and if you master this system, you will have a huge advantage over your competitors.

9. Pump up your Search Engine Presence

Be it organic or paid, start working on making your website more visible to search engines especially Google. If you have enough budget for PPC, you can start listing your target keywords and allotting budget to them. Much better to include Search Engine Optimization for better results. Though it usually takes some time before seeing the results, it will surely help you gain some momentum in 2017.

10. Budget

Of all things matter when it comes to preparing your digital marketing strategies for 2017, budget is the most crucial. This is where most businesses fail when planning their marketing strategies. Make sure to have enough budget for all marketing efforts that will be executed next year.