Effects of Mobile Marketing and Suggestions on How to Adapt to It

These days, people walk around with small computers in their pockets—in the form of their smart phones. Smart phones let us share real time events and connect with each other anywhere and anytime; especially now that it can function as computers with its wireless Internet features.

Furthermore, mobile usage is 24/7 so even if you are out of the office already, you can easily access the Internet in the palm of your hands and connect with your friends. According to HubSpot, more than half of the population is using mobile phones. 90% of text messages are read within three minutes while 25% of U.S. adults prefer to browse the Internet on their mobile phones.

This data means that potential customers for different industries has indeed changed their behavior and is most probably because of online marketing and social media. Some of the effects include:

On-the-Go Customers

According to JohnChow.com, users of smart phones have tripled since 2011; and a huge of this number are “on-the-go users”—meaning, people who prefer to use their smart phones when they are in need of a quick fix instead of logging in to their laptops.

Less Traffic for Desktop Campaigns

With more customers going mobile, businesses that have online marketing campaigns that are specifically designed for desktops and laptops will have decreased traffic statistics. With lesser traffic going into their website, they are at risk or losing their rank in search engines; thus, lesser revenue.

Going Responsive

With the high demand for mobile-friendly websites, every site is pressured to go responsive. If a company’s site is not responsive, it would either have a hard time to run on mobile devices or won’t run at all. Thus, websites would should edit, rewrite or change the codes altogether.

In Demand for More Skilled Web Developers

Since businesses are now ought to be responsive, there has been a high demand of web developers with an updated skill-set; by updated meaning they should have the knowledge of creating a website that can run on both desktops and mobile devices. This is a challenge for developers especially those who have been out of school for a long time because they need to learn these new skills. If web developers don’t have this ability, the online marketing of a company would most likely lose sales.

Stricter Layout and Design

Mobile-friendly websites are viewed smaller including its texts and images. Hence, it’s lay-out should be stricter to fit the screen of the mobile devices; but not losing its engagement capacity.

Text/SMS Marketing

Text or SMS marketing is now back in action and with 90% of text messages read in three minutes, companies that do this type of marketing may have an edge against their competitors rather than those that do not reach out to their mobile customers.

Mobile Apps and Ads

Companies that have ads on mobile apps or have their own mobile app altogether would have a bigger advantage than those that do not. Hence, companies who are solely in desktops and laptops may lose to their competitor regardless of how big or small they are.

Coping with the Changes

The changes led by mobile marketing can make or break a company and it would be all up to the owner if he would strive to cope with the changes. It’s not the end of the road for companies who haven’t adopted mobile marketing yet as there are ways for marketers to cope with the continuous changes that was brought by mobile marketing.

Reaching Out

Text/SMS marketing made a comeback after marketers realized how effective mobile marketing is slowly becoming. With that being said, online marketers can cope and compete with it through e-mail marketing and auto responders. People who have smart phones are most likely using their phones to check their e-mail and browse the Internet as well and there is a huge possibility that they would read your e-mail wherever they are. The good thing about this is that there is no need to customize e-mails regardless if it would be sent on the phone or desktop. Auto responders also helps if you don’t have the time to reply to every email sent back to you. With that, at least your customers have the assurance that you received their email.

Social Media

People browsing through their mobile phones are most probably checking their social media accounts as well. With that, social media marketing will truly help you cope since, just like with desktops, all it would take is for you to register an account and then post relevant contents. You wouldn’t have to customize anything as social media sites are already responsive.

Voice Marketing

Voice marketing is not just available in mobile devices, as this can be adopted online as well through the use of applications such as Skype. VoIP (or voice over IP) phones function just like how regular phones do; hence, voicemails and the likes are applicable here as well.


If you really want to cope with the changes, the most obvious thing to do is regroup and train your team especially your web developers. Professionals won’t really have a hard time with creating responsive sites as there are a lot of tutorial videos and articles that would help them learn the new codes that they would need to use. Since they are already familiar with how a basic website works, they won’t have as much problems.

Life is a never-ending cycle that would have various changes and that goes with businesses as well. There will always be something to change—the behavior of the market or the media used for marketing; which is why every business owner and marketer alike should continuously study and research on the latest trends in order to be constantly successful with promoting their business and reaching out to their customers.