10 Tips on How to Find the Ideal Digital Marketing Agency

Many small business owners have to organize their business, their practice or their workshop all by themselves. Anyone can be lucky if they have good service providers who can help them with the essentials. To whom do you entrust your advertising on the Internet, if you do not do it yourself?

In Malaysia alone, there are hundreds of SME’s sprouting across the country and the number will go high as the years go by.

And managing those businesses while doing digital marketing is a monumental task to face. That’s why handing the online marketing tasks to an agency is a brilliant move and business owners can focus on the business side.

But the question is that, how do we identify a good digital marketing agency that offer a good service with a price that will fit almost any SME?

In this article I will show you 10 tips on how you can find the ideal digital agency to take care of your business online.

1. Recommendations

Ask friends or business partners whose online appearance you like, if they can recommend a provider. This is by far the fastest and easiest way. In addition, you can ask your network about the service that has been rendered to them.

2. Internet research

Search the Internet for suitable providers. If you are not present on the net, you will hardly be able to help build an online presence.

Search engines offer tons of information – including ones about online marketing service providers. Normally the pages that are placed on the first page of Google are more reputable in both business and digital space.

3. Website of the agencies

Take a look at the online presence of the agencies. Their website has to convince you at first and second glance if they are to be the right partners for your online marketing on the net.

Do you like the appearance? Does this affect you professionally? Is this also good to look at on a smartphone or tablet?

If that particular agency’s website has a good user experience and the information offered can be found without digging in too deep, that could be a strong indication that this particular company knows what they are doing.

4. Package Offered

How comprehensive is the offer of that online advertising agency? There are internet agencies that exclusively design your website.

Even for these agencies often need other external partners, such as content writing and programming. In contrast, there are full-service agencies that offer you a variety of interlinked online activities, from the website to corporate videos, landing pages and Google Ads, to entries in online directories – all from one source.

Such a comprehensive package that is also available for small and medium-sized businesses at affordable prices.

5. Client Preference

Read the references of the agencies and see if these agencies look after similar customers like you, ie small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Also look for published reviews on the web: Such experiences from other entrepreneurs help you to get your own idea of ​​the agency.

6. Arrange for Consultation

If one or the other agency is shortlisted, arrange a consultation appointment – by phone or on-site. This will give you a good grip on whether or not they fit your requirements in both business growth and marketing budget.

7. Demand Solutions

Does the adviser go to you? Do they ask you questions to find out more about you and your business? Is your specific need determined individually or are only general standard solutions offered?

If an agency offers you pre-packaged deal without asking questions, steer away from that kind of companies as they will only take your money for nothing.

A good agency asks questions and will provide solutions in accordance to the your requirements and budget capacity.

8. Service Price

Get a concrete offer with a price that covers all costs. Compare the prices and offers of the agencies. It can come to immense differences.

What can and do you want to afford? Which measures of online advertising do you need, which ones can you do without?

9. Consulting fee

A good provider will not leave you alone after building your online presence. Does the offer provide a lump sum for further maintenance of your online advertising?

A good provider will maintain the relationship between you and their team by providing professional consultation.

10. Professional Attention

Observe the way they give their attention to your company on the bidding. A good service provider will equally treat the prospect clients regardless on how big or small the deal will be.


Get a clear picture by putting several vendors to the test. Compare the offers of various Internet agencies under all these aspects. And last but not least, it also matters whether the chemistry between you and the adviser is right. Because you should be able to trust him.