The Must-Knows in Hiring a Freelance Digital Marketing Professional

There’s no doubt that bringing your business online has become a necessity in today’s marketing norm. Lots of businesses around the world are now starting to invest digitally. However, with the growing trend and competition, the price of hiring a digital marketing agency has been a struggle for some small business, and that leads them to consult with a freelance marketing consultant to help them grow their presence online.

There are mixed results in hiring freelancers, there are businesses that became successful in partnering with freelancers and there are some who got ripped off. With that in mind, here are some of the things that business owners should consider before partnering with a freelance marketing consultant.

Ask for credentials or proof of works

A good freelancer has a wide client portfolio. If a freelancer has a good client portfolio, the chance of getting the project done on time and in good quality is bigger compare to those who have little to no client portfolio. If a freelancer has lots of clients that stays with him for a long time, then do not hesitate to hire that person to handle your business’ growth online.

Contact their current or previous clients and ask for review

After seeing the portfolio, it is very critical to contact the current of previous clients of that freelancer. In my case, I sometimes give the number of my clients to my prospect for some review. There are few freelancers who do this as majority of them don’t want to disclose their clients to their prospects. But this is an added value and will surely boost the trustworthiness of a professional in getting new clients.

Ask for an initial consultation

Most freelancers provide free consultation as a Pro bono depending on the situation of the client. In Poxse, we usually give free consultation before sending the client a contract or asking them to sign up for our services. This gives us a huge advantage over our competitors as most of them are providing premium services. This is a same case scenario for most of the freelance professionals.

Ask for second opinion in terms of the consultation and service price

Do not hesitate to ask second opinion from other freelancer about the situation of your business, and of course, the service price. Most of the time, the service price is cheaper for a freelance professional compare to a digital marketing agency. Compare the quality of consultation and the price. If you are not price-conscious, focus on the quality.

Set a personal meeting

This is one of the most important things to do before hiring a freelancer. Make sure to set a personal meeting with them and ask questions regarding the business. Remember, if you have no idea of what a freelancer is saying, and he doesn’t exert an effort to educate you in a most understandable way, better to think twice. A sincere and good freelancer is good at educating their clients. At Poxse, we even tell our prospects if a certain digital marketing channel or service is not suitable for their business.

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