Different Functions of Social Media for your Business

social media

Social media sites have become a viable source of marketing and consumer engagement platform for businesses; that is why almost every company has pages on Facebook or official Twitter handle. Viral videos like the Gangnam Style and Call Me Maybe are good examples of how people engage in inviting content. For many companies, going viral is synonymous to hitting the online marketing jackpot that’s why they utilize social media as an alternative channel to put their advertising messages.

However, what most companies fail to see is that aside from user engagement, social media has many other functions. Below are examples on how you can use it for other purposes:

Customer Service

For any company, it is important to know their client’s and customers’ concern; that’s why they put their contact numbers on their websites and ads in order for their consumers to contact them when needed. However, social media sites can be used for customer service as well by allowing the consumers to be able to “tweet” your company or post on your “wall.” That way, you can address your customers even when you’re not in the office because you will have this information even if you’re at home. It will give you better reputation if you can heed their concerns and inquiry as soon as possible.

Social Media that can be used for this: Twitter, Facebook, Google+

Public Relations

Monitoring social networks and blogs can help you understand the perceptions of your audience because you can “hear” them on social media sites. Type in a certain keyword about your company or industry on Twitter and thousand results will come up; you can also subscribe to Google Alerts to know the latest news about your industry. After you have idea about what people are saying about your company, you can design a PR strategy to address it.

Social Media that can be used for this: Twitter, Facebook, Google+

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Professional Networking

Many professionals are active in social media sites; and connecting with the right people will increase and streamline your target audience. Follow other bloggers in Tumblr or Blogger or other entrepreneurs on Twitter. Hangout in a “circle” for other business people in Google+ or “like” fan pages of experts. You will never know when you might meet someone who could become a strategic partner, a member of your team or a promoter of your business.

Social Media that can be used for this: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Digg


If you are a B2B company or if you have products or services that you want to sell, you might want to get your salespeople use social media in order to gain profits by looking for prospects. You can look for leads through “hash tag” searches in Twitter or through prospecting in LinkedIn. You can also join groups or “circles” related to your industry and get into discussions with potential customers.

Social Media that can be used for this: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn


Social media can be a great tool for marketing by showcasing your products and services in your pages. Furthermore, content in the form of photos, videos, Ebooks and the likes can provide more engaging material that captures the interest of potential customers and the best way to showcase it is to post it where potential customers will see and share it for wider word-of-mouth marketing—and that is through your social media accounts.

Social Media that can be used for this: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest

Human Resources

Social media can also be a tool to find people who are interested in a job that you may have an opening for. By joining groups where “job seekers” hang out or doing searches in Twitter and LinkedIn, you can easily find people who are looking for some work; whether for part-time or full-time.

Social Media that can be used for this: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

Social media marketing is not new anymore; however, some businesses fail to see the other uses of social media sites that can help their company’s growth. By exploring and optimizing the other functions of social media, it can do your company good as most consumers hang out there.