Three Valuable Reasons Why Businesses Should Go Online

“Newspapers are being forced to write their own obituary as they are being squeezed between high newsgathering costs, decreasing ad revenue and the long-term secular trend away from print editions and towards digital news,” says an article in Furthermore, a report in PRdaily said that in 2011, 152 newspapers have shut down which is at par with 2010’s 151 in the US. All of which may be the cause of failing to go to digital as in the same report, it stated that magazines are still alive because it is slowly adapting to the “iPad era” wherein it gives them the advantage to print products by offering free access to the digital version with the purchase of a printed one.

With this pretext, your business may be at risk, just like what happened to the newspapers, if you don’t go online. Furthermore, here are three reasons why going digital is a good idea for your business:

Online Marketing has Bigger Target Reach

As of December 2011, there are 2.2 billion Internet users worldwide according to Internetworldstats and only six months later, there were a record total of 2.4 billion users. With this data, you are bound to reach customers that would likely be interested with your product or service by using the right keywords. Apart from having a wide audience reach, online marketing is cheaper and enables good conversion tracking.

Boost Business Presence

The Internet has changed the way people purchase. Wherever the location may be, there’s always someone looking for your product or service. In a sense, it is a 24/7 marketplace and with a good designed and user-friendly e-commerce site, consumers can purchase any time of the day. This also reduces your staffing concerns while increasing customer satisfaction and sales. Not only you reach a bigger audience but with positive online reputation and feedback from users and consumers, your brand will gain an upper hand against your competitors.

Getting to Know your Customers and Engaging with Them

The Internet offers a lot of opportunities to track down your customers and know their concerns, experiences and shopping patterns. You can also set up an online survey to get to know your customer’s impression on your business and how you can improve it. You will also have the chance to boost your customer service with the help of the Internet.

Ultimately, going online gives tons of opportunities for your business to grow and also having online presence is what customers will be expecting because it gives them assurance on the legitimacy of your service. This is why most companies that cannot be found on the Web is at risk of losing their customers, and you don’t want this to happen, right?