Re-marketing services

First of all, what is re-marketing? Re-marketing services, also known as retargeting and online advertising, is a method which helps you re-connect with those who left your website without buying or contacting you. Did you happen to check a website and later browse the Internet just to see its ads (of products) on other sites?

Then, it is very possible that you have already met this form of advertising. For example, if you check out some products on Lazada Website but did not purchase any, then it is very possible to see advertisements of the exact products which you checked out hours or days ago, but on other websites which you access such as ones related to news and discoveries. This service, which consists of tracking a visitor interested in certain products and re-presenting the products to him, is what is known as remarketing.

Remarketing was there for long time but caught momentum in 2012 when it become easier to integrate into Analytics and distribute across the web. What are re-marketing services good for? Online there is no acquisition at first sight, except in 2% of cases. Even when finding the perfect product, the average Internet user will still check one more site just to be sure that he also found the best price.

And this is the average behavior of 98% of website visitors. Once leaving your website, the chances for a visitor to return are small for many reasons. In order to be able to get him/her back you have to remind them of the special offers found inside, and so you will have a second chance to convince him/her to buy.

And this is what you can achieve through re-marketing. For example, if a visitor leaves your website and abandons the shopping cart created without leaving an email address or other method of being contacted, re-marketing can still show him ads and offer products that he checked out before, thus giving him that final push to complete the order. Therefore, no wonder people using this strategy have an increased ROI, more sales and goals achieved, but also higher brand popularity.

So how does re-marketing work? Re-marketing services are possible through cookies or pixels, Javascript codes that tag and anonymously track visitors to your website wherever they would still browse the Internet. Codes are not visible to visitors and do not affect the loading performance of your website.

Remarketing is created using advertising networks, with the largest network being Google AdWords, reaching up to 85% of Internet users. How to remarket across the Google Network There are three Google tools that contribute to remarketing on this network: – Google Analytics (by installing the tracking code, creating lists) – requires settings – Google AdWords (targeted, customized listings) – requires settings – Google Adsense (Display Advertising System in Display Network) – No settings required Thus, given the increased chance of making sales and boosting your profit, there is no reason not to give re-marketing a try right now. You will notice more returning visitors and higher sales from the first weeks of using it.

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