How to Identify Online Dating Scams?

I love being an online marketer. It helps not only in sharpening my creativity and computer knowledge, it also protects me against internet scams. Yesterday, I received a romance email from a random girl and she approached me to be her friend. The sender name is Carol, but the email ID is, it raised my suspicion

1. Why did the sender name have no Carol-related words?
2. The email is not directed to me, is sent from to and bcc to me.

3. “22 may refer to multiple mailing accounts from,, and so on to mass out bcc email.

Romance message
“Hi and how are u doing, how is the weather with u !!! am carol by name and I like to befriend if u don’t mind text me… 715 575 4940.. have a good day smiles..God bless you.”

To clear my suspicion, my initial response was visiting her Google+ profile, then uploaded the photo to Google images search.

Drag and drop the photo

Within a second I got following result:

Because of this scenario, I decided to write an article to warn other people and alert them about online dating scams.

The scammer news