The Math Of Three Way Linking SEO Strategy


The link building strategy involves at least three websites or more. e.g. Website “A” hyperlink to website “B” and then website “B” hyperlink to website “C”. If website “C” link back to website “A”, it become a circular 3 ways link.

Some webmasters believe, three-way link from different host location is a safer way for SEO. Geo-diversity turns the incoming backlinks become more organic and hard to detect by Google algorithm. Some even build multiple secondary sites for exchange links purpose.

However, Google is still able to detect this scheme if not done right.

There’s a better approach on how to create an effective and non-manipulated type of three way link building. And if you are going to create a network of websites, you should consider these factors:

Content – This will be the ultimate recipe in creating an effective linking strategy. The quality of the content doesn’t only rely on the number of characters used. It should also enticing and relevant for the users.

Relevancy – You don’t want to link an event website to a kitchen blog when creating a network. The sites should always be relevant to each other in order to maximize the resources. It will also provide a good user experience for your visitors.

Traffic – Don’t drive fake traffic. Google will be able to detect it. Optimize your network for user experience and not solely for linking purposes.