What Is Black Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?


In search engine optimization (SEO) terminology, black hat SEO refers to the use of aggressive SEO strategies to manipulate search engine results, and not compliance with search engines’ policy. Instead of improving user experience to attract more traffic. Black hat SEO often focus on short-term gain rather than long-term winning,

The popular black hat SEO methods:

1. Invisible text or transparent text.
The text color is same as the background color, the text is hidden for human reading but readable by search engine spider. By doing this, many irrelevant keywords term can be added to a website.

2. keyword Stuffing
The SEO technique to overload keyword by placing as many keywords to a web page. Generally, increasing a keyword density effectively help to boost up search engine result. However, abusive keyword density can result a site become spammy and penalize by the search engine.

3. Cloaking
literally both users and search engine does not see the same content. Different content is served based on requester’s IP address or User-Agent HTTP header. The non-adult content often cloaked with adult content.

4. Content or article spinning

Article spinning is a strategy to copy others article and then reproduce as a new article. So, the content looks more organic and avoid search engine penalty. Spinners often use spintax tool to replace an original article text or phrase with synonyms.

For example:

It is easier to get things done when the kids are asleep.
It is better to get things done when the children are asleep.
It is easier to work when the children are asleep.
It is better to work when the kids are asleep.

The spintax tool, spin from one sentences to additional three sentences.

5. Doorway pages
Doorway pages are web pages that created for spamdexing, affiliate marketers manage multiple website or pages with similar content to target specific regions, and then send users to affiliate site.

6. Duplicate content
It is very easy to find content from another website and then paste to your site. The balanced work only focus on website promotion. Search engine dislikes duplicate content because it is wasting users to keep search same content. As soon search engine spider identify the duplicate page, the irrelevant search result will be discarded.

7. Comment spamming
Spammers take advantage on blog comment section, they leave comment on multiple websites solely to get backlink.

8. Link farms
Link farms often gain the backlink from a group of linking network, either by exchange links from multiple network group, pay to join a linking group or self-created bunch of domain and then link with each other.