What Is Seo Domain Name?

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There are numbers of users that are looking for tools to find a search engine friendly domain, and boost search engine ranking. From our findings, the term for seo domain certainly not existing, but a replacement term are Exact Match Domain (EMD), Partial Matching Domain (PMD) and Expired Domain.

Exact Match Domain (EMD) – Stephanie runs a baby store and she registered a domain “babystore.com”, the domain name is an exact match keyword domain.

Partial Matching Domain (PMD) – John has a noodle restaurant and he registered a domain “johnnoodle.com”, the domain name is a Partial Matching Domain.

Expired Domain – A domain has a registration history in the past, the domain ownership expired and back to public pool for open registration.

Are above domains effective to boost seo?
The problem with EMD, buying a new domain only requires minimal cost, everyone can easily purchase the potential keyword domain in bulk. Imagine Stephanie could buy few hundred domains e.g. babystore.com, babyonlinestore.com, babyfurniturestore.com, babyclothingstore.com. Certainly search engine result will going to screw up with Stephanie’s domains. What if someone bought another set of domain to against Stephanie such as baby-online-store.com, babyonlinestore.org, babyonline-store.net? Search engine provider noticed the issue, over the time they have demoted EMD influences on search result.

Other negative factors of EMD – Another potential problem that may cause by EMD is that it will be hard to establish a social media presence. It is also a high cost domain and can limit the brand exposure. User may confuse whether babyonlinestore.com or babyonlinestore.org belongs to Stephanie store or not.

Partial Matching Domain (PMD) – johnnoodle.com is a combination of brand and keyword-rich domain, it is a catchy and memorable domain for noodle restaurant category. However, it still limits the future brand expansion, especially when John decides to provide more variety choice e.g. rice, dessert and drink.

Expired Domain – In the past, expired domains with many quality backlinks are a good in boosting seo, it was a shortcut to instantly get authority links from big sites like media press or Yahoo directory. This type of domain we often call it as high Page Rank (PR) domain. To avoid webmaster take advantage on age domain, Google is refreshing it with nofollow tag, passing along no credit. Links gain after the new purchase date would accrue credit.

For those who have no idea on how to choose a seo friendly domain, moz.com has posted a guide of seo friendly domain.