Are you looking for a person who is capable of handling all your online marketing needs and has a vast experience in search engine optimization and digital marketing? Poxse might be the one you are looking for!

Core Services:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We offer affordable SEO Services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Things you can expected from our services:

1. Improve search ranking in Google.
2. Increase traffic and visitor to your website.
3. Receive more inquiry for your business.

We charge different customers for different SEO prices. The SEO package is charged according to number of keywords targeting, market competition and website condition. Search engine take time to index a site, hence we only take a project with minimum three months contract. If there is no improvement in both rankings and traffic, you can also cancel the service at any time.

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Mobile Friendly Website Design

The web design package depending on project requirement. Our design is mobile friendly, one design support multi-devices including phone, tablet and desktop.

Social Media Management (SMM)

Do you struggle to increase Facebook like or twitter followers? We have a solution for you. Fees is depend on update frequency, target number of likes and followers in given timeline.

Google Pay Per Click (PPC) and Facebook Ads

Organic traffic is good, but it take time to grow, to speed the traffic grow paid ads is a good solution. Common user question “I can self-manage my Google and Facebook ads campaign, why do I still need to hire you to manage my projects?” In Poxse we help the client optimize their ads budget for more clicks and conversion. For example, a self-manage client may spend RM100 on ads to get 20 clicks, but Poxse often get more clicks in return with same amount budget.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Is negative Facebook comment, forum discussion, blog post or press release hurt your brand reputation? Potential customers often visit search engine buying decision, if the customer found too many negative search engine result about the particular brand or product, they may turn away to other brands. We have a good solution to combat with those negative or inaccurate search results.

Business Card Design Services

Much like how the state of a car speaks quality about the maker who makes it, the way your business card looks can reveal far more about your business that you may know. Moreover, this little piece of paper can affect the whole business in terms of positioning and recognition. That is why at Poxse, we don’t just design great business cards, we make sure every card speaks quality and authority for your business.

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Business Email Marketing

We provide domain name as that of the client’s company name which helps in marketing the company name as well as business all over the world which is otherwise not possible with personal email addresses.

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Domain & Hosting Services

There are lots of domain and hosting service providers out there. In fact, you will find thousands of them. However, not all of them provide good quality hosting services. At Poxse, we take your business to the next level by providing excellent hosting services.

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Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook advertising can either make or break your business. A lot of small business spend a fortune in Facebook advertising with little to no ROI.  At Poxse, we make sure that every Facebook campaign generates revenue for our clients.

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Google Adwords Services

Google Adwords is one of  the trickiest advertising platforms for every business. You need to be very careful in setting up and running your campaign otherwise you’ll be wasting your budget for nothing. At Poxse, we make sure that our clients are satisfied with the service we provide in Google Adwords by carefully crafting the ad copies and  designs that we are using.

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Google Analytics Services

Google Analytics can easily be installeb by anyone. However, setting filters, goals, and some critical metrics can be a tricky job. We offer Google Analytics services that tells businesses how the business is doing by setting certain metrics that will allow us to analyze everything.

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Re-Marketing Services

So how does re-marketing work? Re-marketing services are possible through cookies or pixels, Javascript codes that tag and anonymously track visitors to your website wherever they would still browse the Internet. Codes are not visible to visitors and do not affect the loading performance of your website.

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QR Code Service

QR (Quick Response) codes provide a technique of appending web-based content to actual messages, items and locations. QR code services are therefore tremendous for integrated campaigns to drive engagement with a brand and offer a digital offer, conclusively leading to soaring interactions on a website or social site through the mobile.

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Logo Design Services

Our Logo Design Services are designed to tell a story about your business in a single image. This will allow your business to be recognized easily by your target market. Good logo will attract more potential customers and business partners.

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Google Maps Integration

Google maps integration presents a great marketing opportunity for businesses. Google maps were invented primarily for giving directions but with new technologies and innovations, Google maps have evolved and become more useful.

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