5 Easy Ways to Build Your Facebook Page’s Presence

You already know Facebook is a bit more than just a location to share photos of your children’s latest exploits or your last fabulous shoe acquire. With almost 700 million users, Facebook is a strong marketing tool!

But, if you are making use of it to hit your prospects more than the head with promotions, you won’t function for you.

Listed below are 5 Methods You can Use Facebook to generate Raving Fans (that your promoting for you!)

Generate a Organization Page (formerly Fan pages) apart from your profile

Latest alterations at Facebook have created this an a excellent deal much more robust marketing device. One key transform you may possibly recognize is you can now “like” other pages from your business page. Which implies you can construct your presence on Facebook by means of your enterprise persona.

Invite other people to participate

You can promote your new page via Twitter/Linked In or yet another social media sites. Make certain you put the Facebook logo on your own weblog or site. Individually invite people by sending them messages employing your url and enable them to like it. One graphic artist I know designed his Facebook Enterprise page but got 306 “likes” in 12 hours as he asked all his friends to “like” it.

Put your Facebook page address on your business cards

Join Facebook groups in connection with your topic/organization and interact there. Carried out correctly, you are going to exactly where your audience is and positioning yourself as becoming a knowledgeable individual and creating relationships with other people.

Do not be afraid to enable other people have accessibility to your page

Social sites is social. It’s truly down to building community. Do not strangle the community spirit by blocking your fans from posting comments/images/videos for your wall.

Burt’s Bees is a company that’s completed a stellar job using their Facebook page. They have 303,681 fans who interact with one an additional and share their joys of the Burt’s Bees items. Could you say “unsolicited testimonials”?

But what if you’re a Kuala Lumpur accountant or economic planner, some thing a bit far more “buttoned up” than facial cream?

Here’s your chance to let hair down somewhat. Be human. Upload some candid shots of you and your office staff. Be of help. If you are an accountant , share informative content material like a day-to-day tax tip for smaller businesses.

Perform solo? Do not be afraid to share occasional photos individuals and your family members on a break or relaxing in your residence. Friendly images of yourself add that human dimension that is the essence of Facebook. Share about books/ films you like, milestone anniversaries, your selected foods. Men and women prefer to “peek behind the curtain” so enable them.

Uncover complementary businesses (and native organizations) on Facebook and “like” their pages

Take a step further and you can discover 5 company individuals and frequently comment/like and post on other pages when relevant. This helps to construct your relationship with every other and subtly promotes your own organizations by putting your company in the path of other’s audiences. In addition, it puts you becoming an professional in front of their audiences.

Here’s a very good example: a realtor, a fiscal planner, a house financing broker plus an accountant could all form a loose community net pop up in a single Facebook comments/posts frequently.

What is regular? Nicely, it must seem natural. Of course, if you all genuinely like 1 other and post fascinating items, it will most likely be natural. That said, once a week is optimal or when every single month or so at minimal.

Bear in mind, you’re just commenting or “liking” a thing, you won’t require to create content material for this.

Generate shareable content

Produce some video around your organization.

For example, it is feasible to shoot an instant video utilizing your webcam or possibly a Flip camcorder. Attempt it, the far more you practice the higher comfy you will get in front of the camera. Keep it short, 1-three minutes tops. It really is genuinely a greeting or possibly a specific little bit of info. You possibly can make a fast group of 1 minute films.

Social media is about sharing.

With much more than 700 billion minutes a month spent on Facebook, your small enterprise page is a practical way to preserve touching current customers and create your prospect base by sharing valuable information making use of them.