Actionable Tips on How to Get More Facebook Ads Clicks

Among other online advertisement platforms, Facebook is the most cost-efficient when it comes to product or brand awareness. It’s also the cheapest in terms of lead generation compare to Google Adwords.

Because of this, more and more people are turning their attention to Facebook when it comes to marketing their products and services.

Advertisers and social media marketers alike are scrambling to get the highest Click-through rate possible in Facebook and those who mastered the art of Facebook advertisement enjoy a good CTR and conversions.

Now the question is: how can we take advantage of this cheap advertising platform for us to benefit from Facebook Advertising?

On this article we will unravel some of the most effective techniques to improve Facebook Click-through rate.

Identify your target audience


Image source: HubSpot

Defining your buyer persona is very critical in any marketing campaigns because it will serve as your guide as to what kind of messaging and approach you’re going to make before launching your advertising campaign.

It is very important to have a clear and detailed personas because it will also help you in targeting demographics and interest when setting up your ad in Facebook.

A good buyer persona includes:

1. Persona goals – concrete objectives.
2. Persona demographics – age, place, role name.
3. Persona pain – frustrations, concerns, barriers, challenges.
4. Persona media & device preference – most used sources or devices.
5. Persona image – photographic impression
6. Persona role & responsibility – reports to, seniority on job.
7. Persona biography – narrative of daily life or past events.

Creating a buyer persona may take time and effort as you need to really brainstorm your way through your target audience.

But doing this right will give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

Align your messaging to your target audience

After defining who your target audience is, it’s now time to construct your brand messaging.

So how can you construct a killer messaging?

Go back to your buyer persona and try to get inside your customers’ head. Identify the things that matters to them.

The best way to know is to conduct an interview or survey. That way, you can have a clear idea on what type of message and approach you’re going to do.

Aligning your message to your target audience also helps you in positioning your brand.

Use realistic images in your Facebook Ad

Realistic images tend to get more organic clicks than vector ones. If you can use your own picture, or your products and service much better.

Use relevant CTA


Image from Cooler Insights

Using generic Call-to-Action buttons like “Read more” or “Know more” leads to a low Facebook Ads CTR. That’s why it’s very important to use a relevant CTA that represent your product or service. If you are selling a book, you might want to use “download this ebook now” rather than “know more”.

Add urgency


This is very effective in promo ads. Or even if you don’t have a promo you can still use urge signals to entice a higher CTR. However, you should be very careful in using this technique or else you will end up with low conversion. If you show your customers an ad with urgency, the content should also contain urgency signals to convert them.

Use popular celebrity

Be careful in doing this technique though.

Make sure to use non-copyrighted materials especially images. Using this technique can be so powerful especially when it comes to Facebook Click-Through-Rate.

Just make sure to use an image of a celebrity that is relevant to your niche. Avoid talking about the celebrity being your brand ambassador unless they do.

Use social proof 

Social proof nowadays plays a big role in marketing your product or brand. Because the message will not come from you, it comes from your patrons.

Whatever they say will have an impact to your business. And if they are giving positive feedback to your product or service, use them in your Facebook ad campaign.