Best Practices in Facebook Marketing for Real Estate

Facebook is not just your typical social media platform anymore.

It has become a major hub for both connecting people and improving a business’ brand presence in Social Media.

There are approximately 1.9 billion active Facebook users every month worldwide according to the latest survey of April 2017.

So what does this mean?

It means that Facebook is now a major marketplace for all types of businesses – Including real estate.

Actually Facebook is a relatively familiar place for real estate agents and investors to market different types of properties.

One clear evidennce is the emergence of thousands of Facebook Business Pages all intended for one purpose – Property selling.

And amongst thousands of facebook pages selling house and lot or other properties, there are only a handful of real estate developers who do the right thing when it comes to real estate Facebook marketing.

The rest are doing it wrong.

On this post, I will walk you through the best practices in managing your Facebook Page in order to make the most of your real estate marketing.

Setup your shop

Facebook allows businesses to setup shops in their respective Facebook Page.

This will allow their followers to instantly see what they offer. Remember to be honest in showing your patrons the real price of the property.

Some real estate sellers just put a monthly price in fear of getting the prospect overwhelmed with the total contract price of the property.

Respond to comments with personalized replies

Most online real estate sellers use spiels and just copy & paste them whenever there’s an inquiry in the post or inbox of the page.

Using spiels is good. But if you continually do the same thing over again, it will ruin the chances of getting the prospect to the decision stage.

Remeber that these folks don’t know about real estate and it’s your job to educate them regardless if they are buying or not.

Apply the 80/20 rule

Have you try to visit a page that sells property and see nothing but selling stuffs?

That annoys you, right?

That’s why in any marketing tactics and practices, there’s a so-called 80/20 rule.

That means 80% of your posted content should be about your followers or something that will interact with them. And just 20% is alloted to product promotions, promos, and everything under your brand.

That will improve your page’s engagement rate and that also helps in building your brand’s position in this competitive market.

Another benefits of this is that Facebook will increase your organic reach.

They hate pages that do nothing but sell.

Share interesting and informative facts about the property you sell and its community

Being a source for information and facts will increase your chances to be a thought leader in your industry – even in real estate.

People love facts.

And if you share information about the property and its surrounding community, you will have an easy time explaining everything to your buyer.

Another benefit is that it entices organic inquiries.

Post images of your team and happy clients

Posting images of your team and happy clients serves as your social proof. And social proof plays a huge role in getting your brand to the position you it to be in.

It also validates what your team does in serving your clients.

Potential buyers want to know that they are dealing with real professionals and real people. And posting photos with your team and clients shows how successful you are in helping people buy a home.