Is Pinterest Useful for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses?

What is Pinterest?

On Pinterest, you can share web finds or your own content with others – the so-called pins. In addition to pictures, it is also possible to “pinnate” animated GIFs and videos.

There are special pin formats for articles, places, recipes and movies. If, for example, you are interested in living room furniture made of solid wood, you can create an appropriate theme board on Pinterest and sort the corresponding pictures and videos there.

These boards can then be subscribed to by other Pinnern, so that new pins from your board get into their stream. Of course, you can also subscribe to foreign theme boards and thus design your own feed.

Before you start

Pinterest Marketing is not synonymous with collecting followers. Success only occurs if it succeeds in building up qualitative or relevant reach.

To generate clicks on your page, you need good quality images. The user decides within seconds whether he likes a photo or not. Your pictures should be eye-catching.

Therefore, think about how to arouse emotions and thus make you curious about your product, your brand and your offer.

You should first think about the following points:

  • What could interest your target groups?
  • How do you want to position yourself? (Which topics, which niches?)
  • What type of artwork do you have available?

Tips for your appearance on Pinterest

However, before you browse your media gallery and wildly upload pictures to Pinterest, you should take the time to consider the following tips and tricks on how to make your Pinterest appearance more successful:

  • Create specific, topic-related boards as much as possible.
  • Portrait pictures work best on Pinterest, with ¾ of users using mobile devices.
  • Choose headings so that your customers find what they are looking for.
  • Images with no faces on them are better.
  • Colored pictures are better than black and white pictures.
  • Pictures that contain typefaces are especially happy to be pinned on.
  • Infographics are very popular.
  • Pin useful information.
  • The board title should be short and concise.
  • Keep the description of the pins short; Nevertheless, the most important keywords should be included, as the pins are found so better.
  • Starting with Pinterest, it’s a good idea to first follow some interesting pennies and boards so that the personal stream fills up slowly.
  • By following others, you show that you are ready for dialogue, not just sending, but listening.

For which sectors is Pinterest suitable?

Of course, there are industries that have an edge over other industries on Pinterest. These include companies that distribute or provide products on the following topics:

  • Furniture
  • art
  • plants
  • clothing
  • Jewellery
  • Gadgets
  • decoration
  • to eat and drink
  • Tattoos and body jewelry

Of course, if you do not serve any of the above topics, you can still be active on Pinterest and gain an advantage for your product. Especially for craftsmen, the presence on Pinterest can be worthwhile, because the competition in this industry is still low. For vendors selling products, so-called product pins can also be worthwhile. Here in real time, the availability and the price are displayed.


No matter what industry you are at home in, it is important that you start your Pinterest appearance with a strategy and a goal.

Pinterest offers you the opportunity to break away from words and to let pictures speak. Connect the beautiful with the practical, because users quickly notice whether you are active out of a sense of duty on Pinterest, or because of the joy and conviction of your own product.