Killer Ways on How to Generate Leads Using Linkedin

linkedin-logo Every social media site has its strengths with regards to strategies in social media marketing. Facebook is a medium used for more personal strategies while Twitter is used for broadcasting products or events in real-time situations. There is also a social media site used for more corporate and professional purposes called LinkedIn. Almost everybody who’s a professional has a LinkedIn account. In fact, according to Steamfeed, there are over 200 million members (with two members added daily) spanning all over the world making LinkedIn a network of choice to show one’s career achievements. Furthermore, majority of small and medium sized companies (58%) are actively using LinkedIn to promote their business. In addition, LinkedIn allows you to: • Get online recommendations for your professional abilities and character. • Get introductions to potential employers or colleagues in your industry. • Search available job postings. • Join groups that align with your professional interests and participate in discussions. • Create an online resume that can work for you all the time. In other words, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to be seen as a professional especially if you are job hunting. However, LinkedIn can also be an effective lead generation tool. Some ways on how to be able to engage and generate leads in LinkedIn are by:

Participate in LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn answer is a section where people can ask industry-specific questions and get advice. How will you utilize this to generate leads? By giving advices, of course. After all, you are an industry insider with a lot of helpful knowledge, right? Answering questions related to your industry regularly can help you establish yourself as a thought lead.

Join Groups

There are several groups in various industries that can be found in LinkedIn. However, joining the same groups in your industry is not the only answer, as you can also join some that are outside but related to your business. By stretching out a little bit, you’re expanding our reach, which will help in lead generation. For example, if you are a web developer, you can join related groups such as web design, online marketing, SEO and the likes.

Conduct a People Search

LinkedIn people search is a useful tool for sales people, people looking for jobs or B2B owners who want to explore large corporations. Just do a people search for your target leads using your right hand search box. With this, you can also ask your existing contacts to introduce you via LinkedIn to the people that you are targeting.

Experiment Direct Ads

There are advertising programs that can be used to drive new prospects to your landing pages, groups and other destinations that are available in LinkedIn—these ads work the same way as Google paid search ads. By simply writing a headline, adding some copy, creating destination link and finally bidding how much you’ll pay LinkedIn every click, you would have your desired ads. As these ads would appear more frequently, the possibility of getting noticed by potential leads is high.

Go Mobile

Everything is mobile these days and so is LinkedIn. The LinkedIn mobile app is best used when you ar at a trade show or an event where you’re making one-on-one contacts. By bumping phones, LinkedIn will transfer contact information between phones using Bluetooth. With that, you won’t have any problems with typing or wrong information. LinkedIn is a good way to locate leads especially for B2B settings as people who use this social media site especially is you are targeting a more professional community. By doing the aforementioned tips amongst others, you would surely have an advantage with regards to locating new leads.