The 5 Elements in Which You Have to Work in Social Media Marketing to Remain Relevant

Trends change and the way social networks are used too.

If there is a field in marketing strategy in which things move forward very fast and in which fashion comes and goes at speed of vertigo, that is that of social networks.

After all, their content trends work at the pace of memes and virals and therefore have a fast expiration date. If you do not climb one to the crest of the wave in time, your efforts will not be worth anything and will even make your mark seem a bit outdated.

Not only do marketers have to work on what is in fashion and what interests them, but they also have to address the changing world of what works in social networks at a more macro level and what they have to Do to connect with your consumers. They need to adapt the social media strategy to the changes that mark the moment.

During the next twelve months, marketing managers cannot continue using the same strategy they used in the previous twelve months.

And what matters right now in social media marketing and what should marketers incorporate into their strategy? Hootsuite’s latest study on the issue has identified several key trends that are changing social networks.

They are the elements that marketers should work on right now if they want to remain relevant.

Work must balance public and private engagement

That is, it is no longer only important to work on what everyone sees and achieve answers to the contents that are published, but also to be positioned in another field, the most direct and private.

Marketers must create direct relationships with their consumers, for which they will also have to enter the private sphere. This does not mean sending mass direct messages to your consumers, but rather creating much more specific and limited channels within the social environment.

This forces us to rethink how things are done and how it connects with the consumer. Half of the marketers are rethinking what content strategy they should follow in this migration to private channels.

In addition, it also creates a complex situation for brands: 52% of brand discovery in social media is still made in public channels.

The company’s workers will have more prominence than ever

For years, one of the issues that has been repeated to companies is the importance of their employees in the social environment.

They should be advocates of the brand and should position themselves as key elements to transmit their values ​​in social networks. Now, they themselves are also one of the subjects that the brand has to seduce in this environment.

“Brands gain trust among their workers and advocacy by taking positions in social networks,” they point out in the study. Marking what is believed and what is defended is not only important in order to connect more deeply with consumers. It is so that workers also feel a deeper connection with the company. Of course, it is not worth selling smoke on social networks or saying many things and doing very few.

We are going to have to talk about TikTok

If you look at the last virals, especially those that are on video, it is quite likely that they carry the TikTok seal. Pablo Iglesias, the new vice president of the government and leader of Podemos, tweeted with humor a parody video of his public release photo of the government that circulated on the network.

If the image was analyzed, the TikTok logo could be found. There he had appeared before.

The video network is growing “meteorically” and is impacting how content is shared and created. For brands, ignoring their existence no longer works.

During 201 it has been in some quarter the most installed app and is having a transversal impact. And although it has to be done in a critical way (in Hootsuite they wonder if the hype will continue or prick) it is important to keep an eye on it.

Social marketing and perfomarce marketing no longer work separately

Marketers will have to start seeing them in a holistic way and social networks will no longer be only a space for brand building, but also to achieve direct objectives.

Since the organic scope has fallen and given that social marketers are being asked increasingly for a clearer return on investment, they point out in the analysis, they are increasingly focusing on social performance marketing.

Ads on social networks thus become avenues to achieve specific conversion goals. Looking ahead to 2020, even 44% of marketers already point out as the main result of seeking social media to generate conversions.

We must be more aware of the power of social networks when it comes to influencing consumers

The companies that obtain better results have already achieved it and are already doing it. They are at an advanced level in attribution and are already able to understand strategically what influence social networks have on what they do and what they achieve.

In general, however, this is not what happens with brands. 70% of marketers recognize that they do not have any type of attribution model. And there they have to change things.