4 Powerful Tips on How to Catch People’s Attention on Instagram

Instagram is considered as the most powerful app in the world when it comes to image sharing.

Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 and since then, the app skyrocketed in users in the past 4 years.

But the growth of the users post a greater challenge for IG users who want to get as many followers as possible.

Unless you are Tim Laman or Andy Coleman who use super expensive cameras, there’s little chance that you get notice by people.

But when all seems lost for Instagram marketers, there are still some tricks that are proven to be effective in getting people’s attention.

And I will be showing you the top 4 tricks I use in getting people’s attention in Instagram, and eventually increase engagement and followers.

The rain of “likes”

This trick is one of the oldest, yet effective way of catching people’s attention.

Rain them with likes!

As an Instagram user, you get excited to check your notification page every time you log in to IG. Most of the time, you check if people liked your photos, dropped comments to them, or even tagged you when they share your content.

Most of us do that.

And getting a like from someone you don’t know is really intriguing, right?

That’s the psychology behind that trick. Let people know that you discover their content and actually like it.

How do you do it in the first place? Use relevant hashtags.

After searching using hashtags, you can now start liking each photos. The more photos you like, the better.

It will increase the chance of you getting a like back, or even better, followers.

However, for hashtags with millions of users like #Instadaily, #Instaday, and #Instafollowers you might want to increase the effort by dropping comments to the images.

Comments like “Great photos” or “Nice pic” won’t work. Try to be creative and encourage the users to have a conversation with you.

Impeccable timing 


No matter how many likes, or comments to make if people won’t see them in real time, the chances of building relationship with them is low.

That is why you need to engage with the right timing.

What I do is keep a list of different timezone of different countries I target. I want to be in front of them right after I comment or like a photo.

To give you a quick tip, if you are growing your followers in digital marketing, posting, liking, and commenting get the most exposure every morning in weekdays.

Exactly why? These kinds of users don’t work right after they arrive at the office. They check their social media accounts first.

But this trick has a very limited amount of time frame so you better take advantage of it. 10-15 mins max is your window time to show them something catchy.

They like, comment, or share then after that get back to work.

So wherever you are, you should not ignore the timezone of your target audience if you want to gain more exposure in Instagram.

Use images with striking colors

Or bright colors I should say.

I love using vector images when sharing my recent blog posts because it gets a lot of likes and at the end of the day, I get lots of followers from it.

You see how the color combination works with a quote in that image? I got 98 likes from that photo alone.

And take note that I only had less than 100 followers by the time I posted the image.

The trick behind that is to stand out using bright colored images. Of course, applying the like and timing tricks I mentioned above.

Use the power of #Hashtags

Above all else, posting images without hashtags will give you little to no chance of getting in front of your target audience unless you have millions of followers.

But even these Instagram superstars use tags, right?

You should too.

The tricky part though is to use the right hashtag with the right amount of users. Not too many, and not too few.

Again hashtags like #Instadaily or #Instafollow offer little help in getting your posts noticed because they are too generic.

Instead, use tags that have just the right amount of users. The trick behind it is to avoid getting your post buried fast so that people may see it right after they tap on the hashtags.

Use 6 to 8 hashtags and void using too many. Otherwise your post will become spammy and might lose its value.

To see more these examples, you can visit my Instagram Account.


Apart from these four tips, you can explore your own ways on how you can increase your followers in Instagram organically.

There are tons of tricks out there that only few people are aware of. But these tricks will help you kickstart your Instagram marketing campaign. Remember to stick with best practices to make your profile more legit and engaging.