Underrated Social Media Marketing Baits That Drive Valuable Traffic

Social Media Marketing Bait
Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have been channels for business owners to showcase their products and services to a wider market. Most often, business owners produce relevant contents for their target customers or their existing followers to read.

Creating content and sharing it on social media have proved to be successful because contents that are relevant to the readers have higher probability of going viral; and we all know what happens when video or content becomes too popular, right? Think Gangnam Style or Call Me Maybe.

However, with that in mind, business owners fail to see that creating simple, readable, and shareable contents is not the only way to reach out to communities in social media sites. The main purpose in creating content for social media sites is user engagement—producing newsworthy and even trivial articles; but there is more to it than just articles. Other effective ways are:


Social Media Marketing Baits - Poll
Engaging questions through polls and comparisons will catch the attention of your followers. After all, people are naturally in search of debates where they want to be right and asking them debatable questions can be effective to gain traffic.

For example, you can create a poll on which is a better mobile phone (iPhone, Android, Windows phone), if you are in that industry. People will surely defend the phones they are using so this would attract a lot of traffic as people would engage in the argument.

Furthermore, polls can be used to ask your customers what areas of your product or service needs improvement.

Contest, Promos and Discounts

Social Media Marketing Bait - Contest, promos, discounts
Contests are also very engaging; especially in social media. People love freebies so making them connect in contests that would allow them to be rewarded with free stuff, promos and discounts will surely gain traffic for your site.

Moreover, contests that involve sharing or gaining Likes for your post is a good way to generate traffic for your site.

Video Series

Social Media Marketing Baits - Videos
It’s not all about catching their attention with words and pictures, you can also make use of video series that can attract customers and would make them understand your industry more. Keep in mind that not all of your target and existing followers like to read so creating or reposting videos relevant to your industry may also do you good.

There are other ways you may think of in order to gain more traffic in your social media pages aside from the aforementioned. Just make sure that the key to successfully reach out is to connect and engage with your target audience through your posts. If you are able to do that, you would attract more people for sure.