What Is 3D Printing?

3D printer

3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three-dimensional objects that turn computer models into real physical things. The printing process is similar 2D paper printing, but 3D printing is created third dimension model layer by successive layer for the entire object.

3D printing is a potential business, in two to three years time we can expect the increase of market demand on 3D skill. Accessories or part manufacturer business chain may be facing a big challenge. Why? Need a part for your washing machine? As it is now, you place an order to repairman who gets the part from a distributor, then the part is ship from China. To deliver the small part, manufacturer have to mass-produced thousands of them at once, probably injection-molded from a very expensive mold. In worst case, some of the parts have been stops in production. With 3D printing technology, it will improve the efficiency to cut down shipping time and cost, user can simply 3D print the required part from their own computer.

what is 3d printing used for?

The growth of 3D printing in various industry:

3D printing food

3D printing house

3D print human organ

3D printing for education purpose

3D print a car

Available in Malaysia? Yes, the price ranging from RM890 to RM6800

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3D printing is a super cool technology, but lately we found some downside news on this technology. Criminals has taken the advantage to product plastic gun parts.

However, this discovery has led the media to make an awareness about the possible downside of 3D printing. This could also lead to a more regulated selling and distribution of 3D printers.