Alternative Way To Find New Keywords (Non Google Tools)


For many internet marketers, Google keywords planner is the easiest way to get new keywords. However, the keywords suggested by Google tools often limited to target common keywords and excluded many long tail keywords,
e.g. “restaurant kuala lumpur” vs “good restaurant in kuala lumpur malaysia”.

Besides Google tools, there are many alternative ways to find new keywords using other keyword tools:

Bing webmaster tool
Since Bing and Yahoo lost their market share on search engine, many webmasters stop using their tools. In fact, Bing webmaster tool do give us some good idea to target new keywords and a site’s performance on both Yahoo and Bing search engine.


Besides clicks and impression performance, Bing tool do provide keywords search tool. Users can filter the keywords trend by custom date range.


Social Media #hashtag
“#” Hastag on social media helps identify the social trend, by targeting the popular hastag keywords, it can reach the right influencers.

According to Hashtagify analyst the food group keyword is highly related to healthy, recipes, cook, yummy and delicious

Visit competitor website
When we search “malaysia tourist attractions” on search engines, these website rank in top search, it indirectly gives an important message that the following websites are well optimize on tourism keywords. It is a shortcut to quickly analyze the potential keywords., targeted keywords: malaysia attractions, top 10 attractions, tourism events, trip to malaysia, travel information, travel costs, flight tickets, trip to Malaysia, hotel review, Visa information, travel guide, targeted keywords: malaysia tourist attractions, top10, best hotels, stay in malaysia, malaysia travel guide, visit in malaysia, best island, best places to visit, popular tourist destination

Latent Semantic Indexing
LSI looks for synonyms and common words related to the title of your page. For example:
a) SK-II, L’Oréal refer to cosmetic brand
b) Lotion, toner, moisturizer refer to skin care
c) BB cream, eyeliner, lipstick are related to makeup or cosmetic
In this case, even a beauty product store without an optimize “cosmetic”, “beauty product” or “skin care” keywords, the website will still likely to rank well for the mention keywords, because LSI can analyze the relationship between group of keywords.

Ask yourself
If you look for a product or services in Google, what keywords you search? Do you search the keywords:

1. “Where to eat” to find restaurant
2. “How to go KL” to find transportation to KL
3. “a good hotel in KL” to compare KL hotel services

Self questioning keywords often return high conversion for business, because it is most relevant to user query.