7 Reasons for a Mobile Optimized Website

If you are surprised that your website is being visited less often, and your phone or checkout does not ring, then this can be for a simple reason: your website just does not work on phones and tablets, it does not display properly, and the usability leaves much to be desired , If your website is not mobile optimized, Google and potential new customers punish it coldly. In this blog article you will learn why a mobile optimized website is worthwhile.

More and more users go mobile to the Internet. Nearly 80% of mobile local searches result in a purchase in the store. A profit-oriented company must adapt to the changing search and usage behavior of its customers if it does not want to lose valuable new customers.

If websites are not displayed properly on mobile devices, then the user torments, jumps off and will not visit the site again.

The main reason for this is that important information and functions are difficult or impossible to call. If a person interested in their smartphone does not find the contact form quickly, the likelihood that they send you a message will be reduced.

So fast is a potential new customer lost. Google has also recognized this and downgrades user-friendly websites that are not optimized with the so-called “Responsive Design” in the mobile search results ( more ).

It’s that simple: If you are not contacted, you can not sell anything. That’s why mobile optimization is so important!

What exactly is a responsive design or a mobile optimization?

A responsive design, often referred to as mobile optimization, is designed to automatically adapt the content to the screen resolution and size used.

Important elements such as texts, images and navigation should be easily accessible at all times. For this purpose, the properties of the terminal are determined and arranged the contents accordingly.

Mobile and Desktop: Are these two different websites?

No. Both are two different views of the same website. In the mobile view, the content is adapted to a small monitor, in the desktop view to a large monitor. You do not need two websites and consequently you do not have to pay double the costs.

These are the 7 advantages of a mobile optimized website:

  • Important contact elements are visible on the screen and easy to find
  • Interaction elements, such as buttons and input fields, are user-friendly
  • Navigation is always easy and can be reached without searching
  • A larger font ensures better readability
  • Contact details, such as telephone numbers, can be used immediately
  • Short load times allow a call to the website even if the connection is bad
  • A mobile optimized website is better rated by Google and users

How do I know if my website is mobile optimized?

You can access your website with different smartphones, tablets, PCs and other devices (using all common browsers) and check if all content is displayed correctly and completely everywhere and all functions are working properly. Alternatively, you can take Google’s mobile optimization test.

Can I subsequently optimize a website for mobile use?

Technically, a website can subsequently be optimized for mobile use. However, this measure is not always the appropriate solution, since often also the information structure and the design have to be elaborately revised.

This can be so expensive that you should better think about a complete restart, in which your website is sensibly updated to the latest – and definitely mobile optimized.

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