How Do I Get Facebook Rss Feed And Add It To My Website?


RSS feed is like a modern way of newsletter subcription, it only push notification to subscribers. The site owner will hassle with domain block or blacklist issue. Publish facebook feed to a website certainly help to increase traffic. However, Facebook did not provide RSS feed subscription, to get the feed work it requires some hack and modification.

1. Open any fans page e.g. view source code

2. Find the words PageAuxContentPagelet


3. Get the ID, for this example poxse page ID is 1473896672887817

4. Combine the feed URL + Facebook ID, two types of feed URL available:

RSS format Feed URL

Atom format Feed URL

5. The complete feed URL:



To make the feed visible to our website, we easily get result with Google feed API

Basic Facebook feed without customization

Custom Facebook feed with customization, e.g. show more feeds and links.