How To Take Full Screenshot Of Website?

To print screen a long web page we often encounter a common issue, we could only take a screenshot on what was on our screen. Is there a way to scroll and screen capture an entire page?

There is variety type of screenshot application available to perform the task, at Poxse we prefer to recommend a free tool.

Awesome Screenshot is a browser plugin that works on both Chrome and Firefox and one of the plugin around.

After installing the plugin, a shortcut icon on the top left of your browser will appear. On the drop down, select capture the entire page or use shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + E.

You will notice the browser will auto scroll down and capture the whole page. It will then redirect you to a separate page with your captured page. Upon completion click done and save the image to a local drive. To further edit the image, we can crop, highlight or add comment.

FireShot Webpage Screenshots is another popular application to capture entire webpage. The installation step is similar as the Awesome Screenshot.

Image editing feature is not available for FireShot, but it allows users to save the images as PDF.